Wikipedia:Rules of etiquette


May 23, 2022

Wikipedia is a collaborative encyclopedia whose proper functioning depends on the creation of a welcoming and collegial editorial environment. Participation on Wikipedia is governed by a few rules of etiquette. These rules have been established so that the discussions remain cordial and do not turn into polemics. To do this, it is strongly recommended to keep a spirit of non-violence with your interlocutors, and to communicate with them with respect and courtesy. Wikipedia is not a discussion forum. Consequently, all the participants must above all arrive at a consensus, in order to collaborate more effectively in the construction of the encyclopedia. Thus, to make the articles as objective as possible, even articles on controversial subjects, these should not be the pretext for any preaching. Keep in mind that Wikipedia is an encyclopedia, which means it's not many other things. If you feel uncomfortable changing someone else's work, and want to add your thoughts, questions, or comments to an article, the place to do that is the talk page. 'article. Again, try to avoid sterile or even aggressive discussions. On the other hand, the very principle of Wikipedia is that it is collaborative, so do not hesitate to modify the articles of others. You don't even need to identify yourself to contribute, but the community would still like to know who you are. You can register and create a user page, this makes Wikipedia more user-friendly and facilitates communication between collaborators. There are other rules established within the community, you will find them by consulting in particular the recommendations and rules to follow. You can also consult the Wikipedia guide: Working collectively.

A few rules to follow

Stay non-violent. Avoid personal attacks. Don't be defiant in your summary boxes comments. A user's presentation page can be considered a privileged space. Although everyone can modify it, the content and formatting choices of the user concerned must be respected. Add your comments to its talk page.

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