New Year


January 27, 2022

New Year is the very first day of the calendar year. One of the most celebrated events in the world, in most countries the New Year is celebrated with events, fireworks, parties and family gatherings. In the Western cultural circle using the Gregorian calendar, it falls on January 1, the eighth day of the Christmas period (wd). In Hungary, New Year's Day is a holiday.


Most of the different cultures associated the beginning of the year with astronomical or natural phenomena, and New Year’s Eve and New Year celebrations were already held by the ancient Mesopotamians and Egyptians. There was one in which civilization the spring day-night equality was a turning point, such as the celebration of the purulias of the Hittites. In Western culture, January 1 was designated as New Year's Day by the ancient Romans. e. 46, when the Julian calendar was introduced. This date was abolished by the Council of Tours in 567, and for the next thousand years various days, in some places Christmas or Easter, were considered the beginning of the year. In most European countries, March 25 became established as New Year’s Day because of its religious significance (Blessed Virgin Fruit), although no annual celebrations were held because such were considered pagan things. In 1582, XIII. With the calendar reform of Pope Gregory, January 1 became the generally accepted date, which was set in 1691 by XI. Pope Ince made it final. It should be noted that some countries have switched to this date earlier or only later; the nations of southern europe already considered january 1 to be the beginning of the year in 1362, but in england it was new day 25 march until 1752, and greece did not change until january 1, 1923, when the gregory calendar was introduced. ére. To counterbalance the “pagan” feast, the church has designated January 1 as the Feast of the Circumcision of Jesus.Cultures that use other calendars celebrate the New Year on days other than January 1; for example, the Chinese New Year falls in February or March, the Jewish New Year in September or October, the Persian New Year on March 21, and the Islamic New Year in August 2021.


The New Year is celebrated in many places with fireworks, family gatherings and parties. Mass events are organized in the main squares of the cities, the seconds before the start of the new year are often accompanied by a countdown, followed by bubbly greetings and wishes. Accidents increase at New Year's Eve: ambulances and firefighters are often alerted to fires, firecracking injuries, fights, alcohol and drug-related illnesses. In the public media, this is followed by the recitation of the Word, followed by the New Year's greeting speech by the President of the Republic.

Hungarian folk traditions

Among the Hungarians, the popular name of New Year's Day is Christmas. On this day, it used to be the saying of New Year’s wishes by going from house to house, for which the housemates gave small donations to the greeters. On New Year's Eve, they tried to ensure the success of the whole year by doing various pleasant things, because they thought that what would happen to a person on New Year's Day or what he did would happen all year round - so even the patients got out of bed and anything was forbidden on that day. borrow or lend and refrained from work (washing, cleaning) and quarreling. He who washed himself at the well early in the morning on New Year's Eve was fresh all year round, and he was the first to draw water from the well at dawn.

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