August 14, 2022

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Fixed date events

August 6 – Death of Hungarian King István V. (István V's son, László, is kidnapped by Joachim Gutkeled, a Croatian, and flees to Germany. The king, who was chasing them, is then caught by the fish, and is buried in the church of the Dominican nunnery on Margitsziget, which was still called Nyulak Island at the beginning of the 13th century.) September 3 – István V's son, the ten-year-old IV. László follows him on the Hungarian throne. (Instead, his mother, Erzsébet, and the Croatian Ban actually govern.) November 8 – VIII. Byzantine Emperor Michael crowns his son as co-ruler II. Andronikos (sole ruler from 1282). November 20 - accession to the throne of King Edward I of England (reigns until 1307).

Events of undetermined date

November - In the royal courthouse on Margaret Island, Henrik the Great of Kőszegi - after an argument - brutally murders IV. Béla's grandson, Béla the macho prince. (She was also laid to rest in the church of the Dominican nunnery in Margitsziget in 1273.) during the year - The uprising of Egyed Monoszló, the royal tárnokmaster. (The uprising is crushed by Joachim Bán, and Egyed flees to the Czech King Ottokar II with his brother and hands him the castle of Bratislava.) Henrik Kőszegi sided with the king, before Egyed also sided and returned Bratislava to László. ARC. After the death of Duke Hugo of Burgundy, his son II. Róbert takes the throne (reigns until 1305). Pope Gregory X appoints Pierre de Tarentaise, provincial superior of the Dominicans in France, as Archbishop of Lyon. Pope Gregory X appoints his personal physician, Pedro Julião, as Archbishop of Braga.



April 2 – King Richard of Germany (* 1209) August 6 – King István V of Hungary (* 1240) November 16 - III. King Henry of England (* 1207) November – Prince Béla Macsói (* after 1245) ARC. Duke Hugo of Burgundy (* 1212)