January 27, 2022

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Fixed date events

January 23 - According to the Italian Royal Decree, the Hungarian legion serving in Italy is officially dissolved. February 17 - At the suggestion of Ferenc Deák, Emperor Franz Joseph I and King Count András Gyula Andrássy are asked to form a government. February 20 - The Andrássy government takes office. March 30 - The United States buys Alaska from the Russian Empire for $ 7.2 million. April 1 - Singapore becomes the crown colony of the British Empire. May 28 - An open letter from Lajos Kossuth to Ferenc Deák, known in history as a letter from Cassandra, is published in this issue of the pro-government newspaper Hungary. May 29 - The Hungarian Parliament votes on the XII. a law on the compromise, according to which the two countries are headed by a common ruler (King Francis Joseph I of Hungary and Emperor of Austria). (Foreign affairs, military affairs and related finances are common. Customs and trade union with Austria. The Austro-Hungarian Monarchy is established.) June 8 - A compromise is reached. (King Franz Joseph I and Queen Elizabeth are crowned in the Church of the Assumption in Buda.) June 19 - Execution of the younger brother of Franz Joseph, Emperor Miksa I of Mexico July 1 - Within the British Empire, the reunification of the provinces of Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, and Canada (the latter becoming today's Ontario and Quebec) forms the Dominion of Canada, the predecessor of the later independent state. July 28 - The official formation of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy, when the laws and provisions of the compromise between the Habsburg Empire and the Kingdom of Hungary are sanctified by the signature of Franz Joseph, Emperor of Austria and King of Hungary. November 9 - Empire regains power in Japan, shogunate is abolished (Meiji Restoration). November 25 - Alfred Nobel patents dynamite.

Events with an indefinite date

during the year - Archduke József Károly Lajos drills the first thermal water well with Vilmos Zsigmondy on Margaret Island. Phylloxera is first detected in Germany.

Topics of the year

1867 in the literature

1867 in science

Making the first typewriter. Werner von Siemens makes the dynamo. Application of reinforced concrete in construction. Telegraph traffic between Budapest and Vienna begins.

1867 in railway transport

1867 in Legislation

See 1867 in Legislation.


January 2 - Kálmán Kertész zoologist, entomologist, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences († 1922) January 11 - Edward Bradford Titchener, an English psychologist whose name is made famous by his own psychological trend, structuralism († 1927) February 5 - Gyula Baranski lawyer, shorthand writer, politician († 1953) February 27 - Irving Fisher is an American economist († 1947). March 25 - Italian-American conductor Arturo Toscanini († 1957) April 29 - Bright Adolf painter († 1945) May 6 - Béla Iványi-Grünwald painter († 1940) May 13 - Poet Béla Dávid († 1891) May 26 - Zsigmond Jakabházy pharmacologist, doctor, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences († 1945) June 4 - Carl Gustaf Emil von Mannerheim, Finnish Marshal, politician, commander of the II. during World War II († 1951) June 8 - American Architect Frank Lloyd Wright († 1959) June 28 - Luigi Pirandello ola

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