May 28, 2022

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Fixed date events

January 15 - The Obzor Party (Independent National Party), representing the upper classes of the clergy and the bourgeoisie, and the Law Party, which has been increasingly part of the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy since the 1990s, merge in Croatia. is seeking a solution to the Croatian question through an agreement with Hungary. January 22 - VII. Prince Edward of Wales is crowned king as Edward. January 30 - Anglo-Japanese alliance against Russia's expansion into the Far East. March 12 - the predecessor of the Debrecen VSC, Egyetértés Football Club, is established May 15 - Portugal declares bankruptcy. May 17 - The sixteenth-year XIII. Alfonz captures the Spanish throne. May 29 - The National Association of Industrialists (GYOSZ) is formed. May 31 - The Anglo-Boer War ends with a peace treaty, the Boer Republics lose their independence and come under English rule. June 5 - Gyula Wlassics, the Hungarian Minister of Religion and Public Education, issues a decree on the teaching of the Hungarian language in non-Hungarian-language schools for 9 hours a week, and on the teaching of other important subjects in parallel - mother tongue and Hungarian. June 18 - II. Second Marriage of the Ottoman Caliph Abdul-Mijid with Hair un-nisa Kadin Effendi. August 6 - The so-called Acre War between Bolivia and the Brazilian settlers living in Acre (see also Republic of Acre) August 7 - The leadership of the party decides on the organizational renewal of the Slovak National Party (SZNP), with Pavol Mudroň as its chairman. October 8 - The Parliament, designed by Imre Steindl, is handed over. November 18 - Morris Michtom creates the Teddy Bear. December 10 - Construction of the Aswan Dam is completed.

Events with an indefinite date

January - The spring cave was discovered during a well in Tapolca. (Opened to the general public in 1912.) May-October - Coal mining strike in the US, violently broken by the president. during the year - The first Boer war ends, Boer leader Paulus Krüger lays down his weapon. World's Fair in Turin.

Topics of the year

List of Heads of State in 1902

1902 in aviation

In railway transport August - Delivery of the Trans-Siberian Railway connecting Moscow with Vladivostos. (Length 9,297 km.) September 4 - Delivery of the Valtellina line, the world's first high-voltage AC line;

1902 in the literature

Maxim Gorky: Night Shelter (drama)

1902 in music

December 20 - Premiere of the operetta by Prince Bob Jenő Huszka.

1902 in architecture

The Dacia (former Pannonia) hotel, one of the most beautiful Art Nouveau buildings in Transylvania, was built in Timisoara according to the plans of Ödön Lechner, on the site of the old town hall. The Cifrapalota in Kecskemét will be rebuilt according to the plans of Géza Márkus.

1902 in science

Audio film recording the first human speech. The beginnings of cancer research by Ödön Krompecher. 1902 - 1906 Experimentation of a tungsten filament lamp.

1902 in Cinematography

Georges Méliès is making his legendary film Le Voyage dans la Lune. Edwin S. Porter: The Life of an American Firefighter

1902 in sports

Budapest TC (BTC) wins NB1. This is the club