May 28, 2022

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Fixed date events

January 1 - Formation of the Republic of China, First President Sun Yat-sen. January 19 - Ede Cuvaj joins the Croatian Ban. (With this, the heir to the throne rejected the trialist program proposed by the Croats, the appointment of Cuvaj is a return to open absolutism.) March 13 - Serbia and Bulgaria sign an alliance, followed by a military agreement on May 12. March 31 - Ferenc József suspends the Croatian constitution in response to the failure of the Croatian-Serbian coalition and the parties to send representatives to the Hungarian parliament to prevent the renewal of the 1913 financial agreement. (The coalition demands financial independence, elections based on universal suffrage. The emperor Cuvaj appoints the royal commissioner and suspends the right of assembly, introduces censorship.) April 10 - The Titanic departs from Southampton on its first and final voyage. April 15 - The first voyage of the Titanic luxury passenger ship between America and Europe, 1,517 passengers die. April 16 - II. Third Marriage of the Ottoman Caliph Abdul-Mijid with H. H. Atiya Mihisti Kadin Effendi. April 22 - The Luke's government is formed. May 12 - István Tisza is elected chairman of the house. May 23 - Blood Red Thursday. Kirobban is the largest socialist mass demonstration in the years before World War II. May 29 - Greece joins the alliance of Serbia and Bulgaria. June 4 - István Tisza takes the renowned members out of the Chamber with the parliamentary guard. June 7 István Tisza violently breaks down the opposition. (Representative Gyula Kovács attempts an unsuccessful assassination attempt on István Tisza in the parliament building.) After the “parliamentary coup” of Tisza, Count Mihály Károlyi resigns from the presidency of the National Hungarian Economic Association (OMGE). October 5 - Greece concludes military agreement with Serbia. October 8 - Montenegro declares war on Turkey, marking the start of the first Balkan war. (The war lasts until May 30, 1913.) October 17 - Turkey declares war on Serbia and Bulgaria. October 20 - Ljubljana meeting to establish a joint political organization of the Croatian parties and the Slovenian People's Party with a trialist program. November 19 - In the first Balkan war, Serb troops defeat the Turks. November 27 - Turkey capitulates. November 28 - Albania declares independence. (If Albania is recognized by the great powers, Serbia's chances of getting out to sea will decrease.) December 4 - The first government of the Principality of Albania is formed under the leadership of Ismail Qemali. December 20 - Károly Unkelhäusser, head of the home affairs department and head of the national government, replaces the Croatian Buv on leave. (The replacement will take place until July 1913, when Cuvaj will be replaced.) December 28 - The Hungarian Scout Association is formed.

Events with an indefinite date

At the beginning of January, 55 Croatians asked the ruler and Ferenc Ferdinand, the heirs to the throne, to convene representatives of the Croatian countries - Croatia, Dalmatia, Istria and Bosnia and Herzegovina - so that the Greater Croatian parliament could regulate the country's internal relations and relations with the ruler. the year