January 20, 2022

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January 2 - Manila, the capital of the Philippines, is occupied by Japanese troops. January 5 - The Polish Workers' Party (PPR) is formed in Warsaw. (Secretary Marcell Nowotko, followed by the assassination of Pawel Finder from November 28.) January 9 - Dušan Simović is replaced by Slobodan Jovanović, who heads the Serbian emigrant government. (The Simović government will remain in office until January 13.) January 10 - Control of Indonesia by Japan begins. January 11 - Kuala Lumpur is occupied by the Japanese. January 12 - The German army's action under the pseudonym "Launch" begins. (By July 1942, the German U-Boot had sunk nearly 500 ships with crew off the east coast of the United States.) January 15 - Pan American meeting in Rio de Janeiro. January 19 - Another Czechoslovak-Polish declaration on the creation of a common post-war state is published, but the differing foreign policy relations of the two emigrant governments, the Soviet Union's differing views, ultimately condemn the whole project to failure. January 20 - Wannsee Conference on the Planning and Implementation of the “Final Solution to the Jewish Question”. January 22 - Soviet troops take over control of the Moscow and Tula territories, gradually displacing German forces.


February 3 - The Polish Emigration Government in London establishes the National Council and Parliament. February 5 - Recruitment of the 1st Czechoslovak Regiment begins in the Soviet Union. February 8 - Albert Feer, chief architect of the Führer, takes over the ministry after the death of Fritz Todt, the German army's minister of armaments and ammunition. February 14 - The Polish Emigration Government transforms the Armed Combat Alliances (ZWZ) into the Army Krajowa. February 15 Singapore holding Japanese hands. 1942: II. Article on the Dignity of the Deputy Governor. February 18 - Unsuccessful radio talks begin between the Soviet Union and Josip Broz Tito over financial support for partisans. February 19 - Parliament elects István Horthy as Deputy Governor.


March 8 - Japanese troops occupy Rangun. March 9 - The Bárdossy government resigns in Hungary, Miklós Kállay is the new head of government. March 25 - Deportation of Slovak Jews to death camps in Poland begins. (58,000 Jews will be deported by October 20.) March 27 - The first train of deportees leaves France. March 28-29 - With the British night bombing of Lübeck, Allied troops attempt a carpet bombing in a residential area of ​​a city for the first time.


April 18 - Pierre Laval forms government in France.


May 4 - The battle of the Coral Sea battle on the Far East front, the Americans defeat the Japanese at sea. May 12 - Soviet troops go into counterattack in the Kharkiv region. May 15 - The Slovak parliament subsequently approves the deportation of Jews; the only voter against the Hungarian Party, János Esterházy, will vote, while several Slovak MPs will leave the Chamber at the time of the vote. May 26 Conclusion of the Anglo-Soviet Assistance Convention. Operation Theseus begins. liver

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