October 18, 2021

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January 1 - Cigarette advertising on television broadcasts is banned in the United States. January 18 - The German People's Union is formed in Munich. January 23 - In Yugoslavia, the dinar is depreciated by 16.7%. February 2 - The second NATO telecommunications satellite is launched from the Kennedy Space Center. February 5 - In the 79th year of his life - in Soviet exile - Mátyás Rákosi, the former first secretary of the Hungarian Workers' Party, dies. February 6 - Alan Shepard hits a golf ball on the moon. February 11 - The great powers sign a treaty to decontaminate the seabed. February 15 - Decimal Day: The UK and Ireland introduce the decimal number system for the British pound and the Irish pound, respectively. February 16 - Funeral of Mátyás Rákosi in Budapest, in a small family circle. February 23 - The Political Committee of the Hungarian Socialist Workers' Party (MSZMP PB) takes note of Béla Biszku's report on the preparation and conduct of Rákosi's funeral. (According to the submission, the funeral took place "without any complications.") March 15 - Dissolved spontaneous commemoration at the Petőfi statue in Budapest. (As a result of the commemoration, prosecutions will begin. At that time, the later Minister of Transport and Communications, Kálmán Katona, will be sentenced to one year in prison.) 19 March - Yugoslav Cooperation Agreement with the EEC. March 26 - East Pakistan becomes an independent state called Bangladesh. April 7 - Two Croatian nationalists, Miro Barešić and Anđelko Brajović, shoot at Ambassador Vladimir Rolović at the Yugoslav Embassy in Stockholm. (Rolović died of his injuries eight days later, on the 15th.) April 19 - The first space station, Saljut-1, is launched. May 25 - The official handover of the Pioneering City of Lake Balaton. (János Kádár - on the International Children's Day - inaugurated the largest pioneering camp in Central Europe.) May 25-29 - The Czechoslovak Communist Party (CSKP) XIV. Congress, which concludes the “most critical phase in the history of the party and society” and adopts the program for building a “multi-faceted socialist society”. June 30 Soviet astronauts Georgiy Dobrovolsky, Vladimir Volkov and Viktor Pacayev die in the first spacecraft accident. Another decentralized constitutional amendment in Yugoslavia. July 4 - At a meeting of the Central Committee of the Union of Croatian Communists (HKSZ KB), Tito condemns Croatian nationalism, which he said has become a major problem in the country. (The Croatian party conference a week later excludes quite a few nationalists from the HKSZ.) July 30 - In Yugoslavia, Džemal Bijedić forms a government. August 15 - The then President of the United States, Richard Nixon, halted the free conversion of the dollar to gold. August 27 – September 30 - The World Hunting Exhibition is held in Budapest. September 2 - The United Arab Republic adopts the name of the Arab Republic of Egypt. September 3 - Qatar signs the Treaty of Friendship and Cooperation with Britain. September 14 - Lunohod-1 broadcasts its last radio broadcast. September 22-25 - Brezhnev refutes Brezhnev during his visit to Belgrade

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