January 27, 2022

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January 1 - The new UN Secretary-General, Kurt Waldheim, takes office. January 13 - In Ghana, the army seizes power. January 25-27 - Association of the Yugoslav Communists (JKSZ) II. conference proclaims further struggle against nationalism. (The new executive secretary, Stane Dolanc.) January 30 - Thirteen die when British soldiers open fire on Irish protesters in Londonderry. This so-called bloody sunday. February 8 - VI. Pál Pál dismisses Sándor Kovács, bishop of Szombathely county, and Sándor Klempa, apostolic governor of Veszprém, and László Lékai parish governor he is appointed auxiliary bishop. Feb. 18 - California Supreme Court abolishes the death penalty. February 21-25 - Richard Nixon's journey to Beijing kicks off easing Sino-US relations. March 2 - US launches Pioneer-10 spacecraft to search the planet's outer planets. March 15 - Hundreds protest at the Petőfi statue in Budapest. (Police produced 88 people, 15 were sentenced to prison.) March 16 - In the St. Stephen's Basilica, Archbishop József Ijjas consecrates Sándor Klempa, László Lékai, Árpád Fábián and László Kádár as bishops of Kalocsa. April 4 - Construction of the Zwentendorf nuclear power plant begins in Austria. April 6 - Another wave of American bombings against North Vietnam. April 15-16 - The Csemadok XI. The expulsion of the organization from the Czechoslovak National Front was announced at the time of its national anti-socialist behavior in 1968-69. (Many known members of the organization are excluded.) May 22-29 - US President Richard Nixon pays an official visit to the Soviet Union. 26 May - The SALT-1 contract, which enters into force on 3 October, is signed. May 30-31 - The Bonn Ministerial Meeting in Bonn agrees to start multinational preparatory talks with the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE). June 3 - France, the United Kingdom, the United States and the Soviet Union sign the four-power agreement on Berlin. June 17 - Five people hit the Watergate office building in Washington as part of the Democratic Party's election headquarters. The Watergate scandal begins. July 2 - Official Yugoslav announcement on the liquidation of a Ustasa commando invaded from abroad. July 3 - Peace Treaty between India and Pakistan. July 17 - The Greek Catholic chapter in Hajdúdorog elects Imre Timkó as deputy. (Miklós Dudás, Greek Catholic bishop of Hajdúdorog, died on July 15, at the age of 70.) July 19-21 - The RAC National Conference, which outlines the main features of the new political-ideological platform; formulates the concept of a “developing socialist country” and re-evaluates the country’s international status. August 31 - Bobby Fischer is World Chess Champion with his victory in the 21st World Chess Championship against Boris Spassky. (12.5: 8.5) September 5 - Hostage drama at the Munich Olympics: Arab terrorists hostage

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