August 14, 2022

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January 1 - Shortly after takeoff, the Boeing of the Indian airline flying from Bombay to Dubai explodes and falls into the Arabian Sea, killing 190 passengers and 23 crew members. January 4 - The Győr furnace explosion; Explosion in the foundry of the railway vehicle plant of the Győr Carriage and Machine Factory; nine fatalities, many seriously injured. January 6 US Minister of State Cyrus Vance - as the personal representative of the President of the United States - returns the Holy Crown and the coronation jewels to Speaker Antal Apró at a ceremony in the Parliament. US President Carter makes a 6-hour lightning visit to Brussels, the center of the EEC and NATO. January 11 – Soyuz-27 also connects with the Salyut-6 space station (Soyuz-26 docked on Dec. 10), so a total of four Soviet cosmonauts work on the space station. January 17 – The final stage of the first post-conference of the EIB, the Belgrade meeting, opens in the Yugoslav capital. January 20 – The Taliandörögd space communications station is inaugurated, which enables satellite reception of radio and television broadcasts. January 22 - The first cargo spacecraft, Progresz-1, successfully connects with the Szalyut-6 space station. January 24 - The Soviet maritime reconnaissance satellite Kosmos-954 falls in the northwestern regions of Canada. January 27 - A general strike paralyzes life in Nicaragua.


February 7 - the heaviest snowstorm in 30 years rages in the northeastern states of the USA, impassable roads from Boston to Washington. Because of the 2-3 meter snow walls, Boston becomes a walking city for more than a week. February 16 – 12 miners lose their lives in shaft 12/A of the Tatabánya Coal Mine as a result of an explosion. February 18 In the La Mon House hotel near Belfast, at a ball of a youth club, two bombs explode, killing 20 people and injuring 80 others. In Cyprus, Palestinian militants assassinate the Egyptian secretary general of the Afro-Asian Solidarity Organization and then take the participants of the presidency meeting hostage. With twenty hostages, they go to Larnaca airport, where they take over a plane. February 19 – An Egyptian detachment tries to intervene in the hostage drama at Larnaca airport, and they engage in a firefight with the Cypriot authorities. Because of the incident, relations between Cyprus and Egypt become extremely tense. February 21 – The empty Westend building next to the Nyugati railway station is blown up, the southern underpass of the metro station is built in its place. February 27 - The four-day world disarmament conference of social organizations begins in Geneva; a 12-member Hungarian delegation will take part in the event. February 28 – after 69 years of operation, traffic on the Cegléd-Hantháza railway line ceases.


March 1 - An American Continental Airlines DC-10 from Honolulu skids off the runway at Los Angeles Airport and catches fire. Thanks to the quick intervention of the firefighters, 195 passengers survive, three die in the accident. March 2 The bishop of Veszprém, László Gábor Kádár, is transferred to the archbishopric of Eger. The Soyuz-28 spacecraft takes off from Baikonur with the first international crew of the Interkosmos program, with Soviet Gubaryev and Czechoslovakian Remek on board. March 3 – At the Tisza railway station in Miskolc, in the dense morning fog, the H