October 28, 2021

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January 3 - U.S. Secretary of Defense William Perry flies to Sarajevo to discuss peacekeeping with relevant NATO military officers and Bosnian leaders. 4 January - Negotiations begin in Vienna, under the auspices of the OSCE, on confidence-building and arms control measures in Bosnia. January 5 - Russian parliament votes to send Russian troops to Bosnia to join NATO-led IFOR. 11 January - NATO Secretary General Javier Solana meets with Prince El Hassan bin Talal of Jordan in the framework of NATO's Mediterranean Dialogue. 13 January - Deployment of Russian forces supporting IFOR in Bosnia begins. 15 January - The UN Security Council approves a 5,000-strong force for Eastern Slavonia, backed by a NATO air force. 17 January - Polish President Aleksander Kwaśniewski and Hans Koschnick, EU administrator in Mostar, visit NATO Headquarters. January 20 - The Varginha UFO incident in Brazil, an event similar to Roswell. January 24 - Estonian Prime Minister Tiit Vähi visits NATO Headquarters. January 29-30 - The OSCE Secretary General will pay a two-day visit to the former Yugoslavia to prepare for the OSCE observation of the free post-war elections. January 30 - Japanese amateur astronomer Hjakutake Yuji discovers the long-lived comet Hjakutake named after him, which passes relatively close to Earth. (It was one of the brightest comets of the twentieth century. It faded in early April, bringing the Sun as close as possible on May 1.)


February 12 - NATO Secretary General travels to Mostar; the Bosnian authorities agree to hand over two Bosnian Serb officers to the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia in The Hague. February 15 - Ferenc Bruno Straub, the last chairman of the Presidential Council of the Hungarian People's Republic, dies. Feb. 25 - Suicide bombings are carried out in Jerusalem on a bus: 26 dead (23 Jews, 2 Americans, 1 Palestinian), more than 80 wounded. 26 February - Austrian Vice-Chancellor Wolfgang Schüssel visits NATO Headquarters as Austria signs the Individual Partnership Program (IPP) with NATO. February 26 - 12:04 In the inner area of ​​Kutas, in section 586 of the main railway line No. 41, at the 525th section of the road No. 6619, the freight train from Dombóvár to Gyékényes broke the bus running from Nagyatád in the direction of Kutas.


March 8 - Visit of the Permanent Representatives of the North Atlantic Council to Sarajevo. March 13 - Russia signs agreement on participation in IFOR and financial matters. March 20-21 - NATO Secretary General Javier Solana travels to Moscow on an official visit to discuss NATO-Russia relations. March 25 - Bulgarian President Zelju Zelev visits NATO Headquarters. March 29 - Hungary joins the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development, the OECD


29 April - The North Atlantic Council notes that IFOR has created a secure environment in Bosnia and Herzegovina during its first four months of operation.


2 May - NATO Secretary General Javier Solana and WEU Secretary General José Cutileiro sign a security agreement. May 5 - José María Aznar is formed in Spain

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