November 30, 2021

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In 2000, 6.2 million people died of cancer. 3 million people have died from the AIDS virus.


1st of January. Although many were expecting a worldwide computer crash, the problem of the year 2000 did not end up in serious trouble. The millennium year proclaimed on the occasion of the millennium anniversary of Hungarian statehood begins. The Holy Crown and the coronation badges are transported from the National Museum to the Parliament. The childcare fee (GYED) will be available for re-application, and the identity card (card) will be renewed. Vladimir Putin is Acting President of Russia. St. Stephen's University is established. January 2 On the thousandth anniversary of Hungarian statehood, the government will make a millennium decorative flag embroidered with gold on a white background for all local governments of the country. The first flag will be taken over by the village of Bajót from the Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. A curfew is imposed in Dar es Salaam, southern Egypt, after 16 Christians die in clashes between Muslim and Coptic (Christian) residents. January 3 Epidemic meningitis in Hungary. So far, 34 patients have been hospitalized, four of whom have lost their lives. Prosecution is under investigation against former German Chancellor Helmut Kohl, who is suspected of accepting millions of marks in donations in favor of his party. Libyan dictator Moammer Gaddafi: Israel has no future in an Arab environment. Palestine will be the cemetery of the Jews. Jews would do better to establish a state in Alaska, USA. January 4 - The Russian army occupies the center of the Chechen capital, Grozny. January 5 - A suicide bomber kills 11 people in Sri Lanka's capital. January 7 - The Prime Minister revokes the heads of six county administrative offices and appoints leaders backed by the coalition on the basis of last year's candidacy. January 10-12 - Railways are on a 60-hour nationwide general strike. During the period of termination of employment, MÁV and the trade unions will not be able to agree on wage development and the collective agreement. January - 300 civilians are taken hostage by 10 armed men in a Thai hospital. The hostages were soon released and the hostages killed. January 15 - Serbian nationalist leader Arkan Zeljko Raznatovics is killed by unknown perpetrators in a hotel in Belgrade. January 20 - Fierce fighting begins in Grozny, Chechnya. January 30 - Due to the dam rupture in Romania, large amounts of cyanide and heavy metal wastewater enter the Zazar stream and then into the Tisza via the Lápos and Szamos rivers. Cyanide pollution causes immeasurable damage to river life.


February 4 - Austria's new right-wing government takes the oath. February 4 - The Russians occupy the Chechen capital. February 15 - The longest-running 326-hour break in railways comes to an end. February 17 - Windows 2000 released. February 21 - After 2 and a half years of operation, the TV3 commercial channel ceased to exist. The reason for the termination is that it was acquired by SBS, the owner of TV2.


March 12 - II. At the Mass presented in St. Peter's Square, Pope John Paul solemnly apologizes to all those against whom Christians, throughout history, have sinned. March 17 - At least five hundred people die in Uganda while a sec

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