January 21, 2022

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January 20 - George W. Bush begins his second term as president of the United States. January 23 - Viktor Yushchenko becomes the third president of Ukraine.


February 16 - The Kyoto Protocol enters into force (without the support of the United States and Australia).


March 6 - Parliamentary elections in Moldova. March 14 - The Palace of Arts in Budapest is opened to the public. March 18 - The Wikimedia Foundation announces the completion of the 500,000th English-language entry on Wikipedia. March 21 - A 17-year-old student is killed and injured by a 17-year-old student who kills nine people at the Chippewa Indian Reservation School in Minnesota. (The amok runner-up on Internet forums claimed to be an indigenous Nazi, an admirer of Hitler.) March 28 - 8.7 earthquake in Sumatra, 1,300 dead.


April 2 - 21:37 dies II. Pope John Paul. April 8 - II. Funeral of Pope John Paul in the Vatican St. Peter's Basilica. (300,000 people attended the funeral service in St. Peter's Square and two billion watched the television broadcast.) April 9 - Second Wedding of Prince Charles of Wales; wife Camilla Parker Bowles. April 19 - German Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger is elected pope. As Benedict. April 25 - 3 km from Bosanka Novi, the SUV of the Military Law Enforcement Contingent of the Hungarian Armed Forces slides into a ditch when lowered from an overpass; in the accident, one soldier suffers serious injuries and another suffers minor injuries.


The first new two-level graduation program in Hungary will begin in May. May 12 - The major renovation program of the AES-Tisza II power plant in Tiszaújváros called Retrofit has been completed. May 29 - Surprisingly, France rejects the European Constitution in a referendum. May 31 - An informant who plays a key role in the Watergate scandal, known as “Deep Throat,” reveals 30 years of silence that he is Mark Felt, then the third man in the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).


June 1 - The Netherlands rejects the European Constitution in a second referendum. June 5 - new cable and satellite channel Boomerang launches (Hungary, Poland and Romania only)


July 1 - Kistarcsa receives city status. July 2-6 - Live 8 concert series for developing countries. July 6 - The International Olympic Committee decides that London will host the 2012 Summer Olympics. July 7 - Terrorist attack on the London Underground and a bus kills more than 50 people. July 10 - Luxembourg adopts the European Constitution in a referendum. July 21 - Unsuccessful terrorist attack in London, no casualties.


August 5 - László Sólyom is elected President of the Republic of Hungary by the Hungarian Parliament. August 7 - A German soldier is killed and a Hungarian and two of his German comrades are more easily injured in a traffic accident near Kabul. August 27 - The Sixth Budapest Parade. August 29 - Hurricane Katrina hits American shores. As a result of the hurricane, much of New Orleans will be submerged. The disaster claims more than a thousand deaths.


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