May 19, 2022

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January 1 - Russia shuts off natural gas sent to Ukraine due to flooding. January 2 - In Germany, the roof of the Reichenhall ice rink breaks due to heavy snowfall. (15 fatalities.) January 4 - Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sárón suffers a severe stroke. January 5 - A hotel collapses in Saudi Arabia, burying a pilgrim arriving in Mecca. January 15 - After the death of the Kuwaiti Emir of Jabir el-Ahmed el-Jabir as-Sabah, Sheikh Saul al-Abdullah es-Salem takes over the throne. January 15 - NASA's Stardust mission is successfully completed. January 16 - The first round of the 2006 Finnish presidential election. January 18-20 - Ukrainian Defense Minister Anatoly Gritsenko is on a three-day visit to Hungary. January 19 - New Horizons, the first spacecraft to explore Pluto, is launched. January 19 - An AN-24 aircraft of the Slovak Air Force crashes into the ridge of Mount Peace on the outskirts of the village of Hejce with soldiers returning from a Kosovo peace mission due to a pilot error. January 24 - The Kuwaiti parliament deprives the sick Emir of El-Abdullah es-Salem as-Sabah of his power, who has held this post for just over a week. January 29 - Chinese New Year Day, the Year of the Dog begins.


February 8 - 404 soldiers leave their barracks in East Timor (beginning of the East Timor crisis) February 10 - Fatmir Sejdiu is elected new President of Kosovo. Feb. 23 - Thousands protest in Indian Kashmir as the army shot four boys between the ages of 6 and 18 the day before. Feb. 26 - According to a statement issued by the U.S. Census Bureau, the population of the Earth will reach 6.5 billion (6,500 million) at 1:16 a.m. (0016 UTC).


March 8 - Three Hungarian soldiers are injured in a traffic accident in Kunduz, Afghanistan, when an off-road vehicle carrying soldiers overturns. March 10 - The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter orbits around Mars. March 11 - Slobodan Milošević is found dead in a prison cell in The Hague. His death was caused by a heart attack. March 11 - Michelle Bachelet is elected Chile's first female prime minister. March 17-25 - Romanian-Hungarian bilateral peacekeeping command and tribal (simulation) exercise in Arad. March 27 - The 25.7 km section of the M7 motorway between Ordacsehi and Balatonkeresztúr is handed over. March 30 - The first Brazilian astronaut, Marcos Pontes, launches into space with the Soyuz TMA-8 spacecraft.


April 4 - Kuwaiti women are allowed to vote and run for the first time in the by-elections. April 9 Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Saron is removed from office after a 4-month coma The first round of the upcoming parliamentary elections in Hungary. April 11 - The Venus Express spacecraft is launched into orbit around Venus. April 12-13 - At the invitation of Lieutenant General Ľubomír Bulík, Chief of the General Staff of Slovakia - Colonel András Havril, Chief of Staff arrives in Slovakia for a two-day official visit; who will be received on a courtesy visit by Secretary of Defense Martin Fedor. April 16 - The Holy Crown Radio began broadcasting. April 21 - Nepalese King relinquishes power and opposes opposition parties after two weeks of protests