May 19, 2022

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1st of January. Events related to the European Union: The accession of Bulgaria and Romania to the European Union; Slovenia adopts the euro as its currency; Bulgarian, Romanian and Irish will become official languages ​​of the EU; Germany will take over the presidency of the EU Council for half a year. Hong Kong is starting to penalize smoking in most restaurants and nearly 1,200 public spaces. The length of the ISBN expands from 10 to 13 digits. South Korea's Pan Gimun will be the new UN secretary-general after incumbent Kofi Annan. Brazilian President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva begins his second term. Russia and Belarus reach agreement on gas dispute. Angola joins OPEC. January 3 - China holds anti-terrorist raid in Xinjiang. January 5 - Hitachi makes the world's first one-terabyte hard drive. January 7 - Stanisław Wielgus, Archbishop of Warsaw, resigns after it is revealed that he had previously cooperated with the Communist secret police. January 9 - Steve Jobs, Apple's president and CEO, introduces the first iPhone. January 11 Vietnam is the 150th member of the WTO. In Austria, the new grand coalition government, led by Social Democrat Alfred Gusenbauer, was sworn in; a number of social programs were implemented during the year (minimum subsistence level was introduced, generous pensions were decided - at the same time restrictions on Eastern European workers were eased and tax reform was introduced). January 15 - The second Gyurcsány government reduces drug subsidy rates, so for the first time in a decade, the health insurance fund is set to stay on drug spending. January 17-19 "Kyrill is passing through Europe, causing great devastation." January 19 - MSC Napoli, a container giant severely damaged in a storm called Kyrill, crashes off Britain's Cornwall coast. January 21 - Parliamentary elections in Serbia - Serbian Radical Party gets the most votes but finds no coalition partner. January 26-28 - Meeting of the Chiefs of Staff of the Visegrád Group (V4) in Sliač. 26 January - UN High Commissioner Martti Ahtisaari outlines his plan for Kosovo at an international conference in Vienna, giving the province limited sovereignty and guaranteeing the autonomy of the Serb minority. January 30 - Windows Vista is officially released.


the international toy exhibition was held in nürnberg, germany, in february. February 6 - The Gönczöl report analyzing the riots of 2006 is published, the document mentions serious police errors. Feb. 12 - Kosovo's Albanian leadership finds Ahtisaari's proposal fundamentally acceptable, but protests erupt in Pristina, demanding Kosovo's full sovereignty. February 13 - Serbian government rejects UN envoy Martti Ahtisaari's settlement proposal in Kosovo, as it confers rights on Kosovo that belong only to sovereign states. Feb. 13 - In the seventh round of six-party talks in Beijing, North Korea agrees to decommission its nuclear program, close its Njongbjon reactor in exchange for $ 25 million locked in a Macao bank account. February 14 - Taken into office in Turkmenistan