May 19, 2022

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1st of January. Slovakia adopts the euro as its currency. Gazprom will completely shut down gas pipelines to Ukraine, as no agreement has been reached on gas or transit prices for 2009. The Czech Republic takes over the rotating presidency of the EU. January 2 The government army of Sri Lanka is re-occupying the Tamil rebel capital, Kilinochchi, after ten years; the battle of Mullaitivu begins. Hamas, the radical organization that rules the Gaza Strip, declares January 2 to be the “Day of Wrath”. January 3 - At 7.2 a.m. local time, an earthquake measuring 7.2 on the Richter scale shakes East Indonesia. January 5 Indian Foreign Minister Pranab Mukhrahi announces that India is officially handing over evidence to Pakistan that “Pakistani elements” were behind the Mumbai assassinations in November last year. The last Russian soldier is also withdrawn from Baikonur, so the spaceport continues to operate as a civilian facility. January 6 Minister of Energy Csaba Molnár announces that gas supply from Ukraine has stopped at 3.30 pm. A new chapter in the Russian-Ukrainian gas dispute is coming: a state of emergency is being declared in Slovakia, restrictions are planned in Poland, and a critical situation is emerging in the Balkans. Gas transmission will not be fully restored until 19 January. Angola is closing its Congolese border to prevent the spread of the Ebola outbreak, which has been reappearing in the neighboring state for a few weeks. January 8 An earthquake measuring 6.2 on the Richter scale shakes the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, whose epicenter was about 35 kilometers northwest of the capital. Kim Jongil is the successor to North Korea's third son, Kim Jongun. Meeting of the Visegrád Four in Bratislava. January 9 - Somali pirates release the Saudi supertanker Sirius Start, abducted in November, and then release an Hong Kong-flagged Iranian cargo ship in the Gulf of Aden. January 13 - Demonstrators criticizing the Latvian government's economic policies try to infiltrate the Riga parliament, against which riot police are throwing tear gas. January 14 Italian police capture one of the most wanted mafia bosses, Giuseppe Setola, near Naples. First Bolivia and then Venezuela are severing diplomatic ties with Israel, citing the Jewish state’s Gaza offensive. Gabriel Opra, Minister of the Interior of the Boc Government, resigns. January 16 - Lieutenant General László Tömböl replaces Colonel-General András Havril as Chief of Staff of the Hungarian Armed Forces. January 20 Inauguration of US President Barack Obama (January 21, Hungarian time) Polish Justice Minister Zbigniew Ćwiąkalski is resigning after three members of a gang kill themselves in prison. (Andrzej Czuma will take over the portfolio on January 23.) January 21 - Kosovo Security Force becomes operational. January 21-22 - Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány discusses economic and trade cooperation opportunities between Hungary and the countries of the Persian Gulf with the Omani Prime Minister Fahd Bin Mahmoud Ass-Prime Minister Hamad Ibn Jaber Al-Thani and the Minister of Industry and Energy Abdullah Bin Hamad Al-Attija. January 22 - Manufacturer of melamine-contaminated additive sentenced to death in China and ad