January 21, 2022

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1st of January. The district is established as the lowest level territorial and organizational unit of the state organization. In accordance with the government's decision, the Hungarian Armed Forces will supply drinking water to settlements where the arsenic content of the water exceeds the limit set by the European Union, thus contributing to the supply of healthy drinking water to the population, until the implementation of the investments in the drinking water quality improvement program. (Pursuant to the decision of the European Commission of 30 May 2012, Hungary was granted a postponement until 25 December 2012 to comply with the European Union limits for the arsenic content of drinking water. micrograms must be complied with.) By the end of June, Ireland will take over the rotating presidency of the Council of the European Union from Cyprus and the fiscal pact adopted at the March 2012 EU summit will enter into force. January 10 President Dioncounda Traoré has called on France and the United Nations for urgent help in stopping the advance of Islamist insurgents towards the capital, Bamako. In northern Mali, Islamic militias occupy Konna during another offensive, and the next day government forces, with the support of the French Air Force, recapture it. January 14 In Mali, Islamist militants occupy the city of Diabali near the Mauritanian border. The UN Security Council supports French intervention in Mali, while the British government provides air logistics assistance to France. January 15 At the request of the French government, the government of the Kingdom of Belgium has decided to support the French operation in Mali, and the next day Germany will offer troop transport aircraft to support the military action. French soldiers begin the first ground operation in Mali, taking the operation, which has so far consisted mainly of air strikes, into a new phase. January 16 - French troops head for northern Mali to expel radical Islamist armed groups. January 17 An extraordinary meeting of EU foreign ministers will be held to discuss the situation in Mali. (It is agreed at the meeting that the European Union will send military trainers to Mali and provide financial support for the thousands of military missions of the Economic Organization of West African States (ECOWAS).) The first African soldiers arrive in Mali. (The 40 Togolese soldiers are the outpost of the West African force that is being deployed to help expel the occupied Islamists in the north of the country.) Troops from the Malian army, with strong French support, recaptured Konna. (After taking back the city, government forces continued their advance the next day toward Douentza in the hands of the rebels.) January 17-18 - In the person of János Áder, the Hungarian head of state is visiting NATO headquarters in Brussels for the first time since Hungary joined the organization in 1999. January 20 - Referendum on the abolition of military service in Austria, in which p

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