2021 Formula One World Championship


May 28, 2022

The 2021 Formula One World Championship was the 72nd Formula One season in a row. A total of twenty competitors from ten teams took part in the competitions. Organized and run by the International Automobile Federation, the championship is the highest ranked category of open body racing cars. Twenty-two grand prizes were held during the season, setting a new record in the history of the sport. The season began on March 28 in Bahrain and ended on December 12 in the UAE with the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Saudi Arabia's Jeddah and Qatar's Doha have been introduced as new tracks, and the Dutch Grand Prix has returned to the race calendar after many years. The individual defending champion was the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton, who was also fighting for the world championship championship until the last race this year. His challenger was Red Bull’s Dutch driver Max Verstappen, who achieved a balanced overall performance throughout the season, reaping a total of ten victories in his first overall career success. With that, he became the only rider to win the world title as a non-Mercedes driver in the hybrid era introduced in 2014. Defending champion Mercedes took the lead in the constructors' points race for the eighth time in a row, putting the McLaren team on the perpetual rankings. At the end of the season, Kimi Räikkönen finished his Formula One career. The Finnish world champion in 2007 competed in 349 grand prizes during his years in the sport, making him a top performer in terms of relevant statistics. Prior to the season, there was a lot of interest in the performance of two-time world champion Fernando Alonso, who returned to Formula One two years later, with Alpine on the podium at the Qatar Grand Prix, and the son of seven-time world champion Michael Schumacher, rookie Mick. Verstappen became the first Dutch world champion in the sport, and he became the first since 1991, Ayrton Senna’s third World Championship victory, to win the points race with a Honda-powered car. The Japanese engine maker withdrew from the sport at the end of the season.

The new Formula-1

Originally, the new set of rules developed by the FIA ​​would have come into force this season, but due to the coronavirus epidemic, the changes were introduced from the 2022 season.

Financial rules

A so-called budget cap has been introduced in the tournament, one of the most important parts of which is that teams can spend up to $ 145 million a year, not including: marketing costs, depreciation costs, pilot salaries, amounts spent on non-Formula 1 activities, entry fees, costs for competitors to obtain a super license, year-end bonuses, and the salaries of the team’s three highest-paying employees. This is for a 21-run season, with the cap increasing or decreasing by $ 1 million depending on whether more or fewer grand prizes are held that year. In addition, teams are required to submit their annual financial report. If a team violates the financial rules, there are three different ways to be punished. If the annual budget is exceeded, teams may expect to deduct league points, reduce testing time, be banned from the competition, or, in the most severe case, exclude that team from the league.

Technical rules

Pilots were consulted on the development of technical regulations that were deliberately prescribed to be restrictive in order to prevent teams from developing radical plans that would limit the ability to overtake competitors. The FIA ​​has set up a special working group, which is responsible for