2022 FIFA World Cup


January 27, 2022

The 2022 FIFA World Cup will be the 22nd World Cup, which will be held in Qatar from 21 November to 18 December, contrary to the usual period. The host country was decided on 2 December 2010 by the International Football Association. At the same time, they decided on the venue for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Qatar has never played in a football World Cup. The World Cup, together with the qualifiers, qualify as a FIFA event and apply FIFA rules.


Applications for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups had to be submitted at the same time. A total of nine applications were submitted on 14 May 2010 for the organization of the two World Cups. Five for the 2022 World Cup, the United States, Australia, Japan, the Republic of Korea and Qatar, have applied. At least 12 stadiums were required to run the tournament. The tender also had to mention in detail the plans for the implementation of training centers, accommodation, safety and health, and the organization of the World Cup. Applicants were required to present a government guarantee and contracts with the host cities and a financial plan.


The director was decided on December 2, 2010 by the International Football Association. The five candidates were decided by the votes of 22 members of the Executive Committee. In order to win the settlement, more than 50% of the votes had to be obtained in one round. If this was not the case in that round, the application with the fewest votes was eliminated and a new round followed. After the vote, the final result was announced by FIFA President Joseph Blatter in Zurich. Qatar’s bid won in the final, fourth round against the U.S. bid, winning the right to host the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Voting resultsMost votes are highlighted in bold in each round. Qatar is the first country in the Middle East to host a world championship. The time lag of the country compared to Hungary is + 2 hours. Qatar hosts more and more sporting events, 1993 was the first Qatar ExxonMobil Open tennis tournament, and the country hosted the 1995 World Youth Football Championship. Since 2004, one of MotoGP’s races has also been held here. In 2011, the Asia Cup was also held here.


During the tender, in May 2010, the visual design of the stadiums planned for the 2022 World Cup was presented. A minimum of seven new stadiums will be built for the event. The stadiums would be unused in the country of about 2,800,000 people after the World Cup. However, once the tournament is over, the mobile elements of the stands would be dismantled and sold to countries where stadiums have been exploited due to popular football. These countries could rebuild stadiums from the items purchased. The high summer heat in the stadiums would be eliminated by keeping the temperature in the stadiums to a maximum of 27 degrees with a special procedure.


Participation rights


The director Qatar is an automatic participant in the World Cup. The following teams will compete in the 2022 FIFA World Cup: In the order in which the qualification was obtained. The "World Cup Participation" column already includes the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Notes


The group draw will be held on April 1, 2022 in Doha, before the qualifiers end. The two winners of the intercontinental qualifier will not be known at the time of the draw.

Group circle

Dates are in local time, in brackets in Hungarian time.

The group

Group B

Group C

Group D.

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