Alfred Gager


January 27, 2022

Alfred Gager (Vienna, February 10, 1942 - January 10, 2022) national football team, midfielder.

Your career

In the club team

He started playing football for SV Justiz and then continued for Austria Wien in 1955, where he made his first appearance in 1960. He has been an Austrian player for five seasons and has won two championship titles and an Austrian Cup victory with the team. In 1966-67, he completed professional football for Wacker Wien.

In the national team

In 1962-63 he appeared in the Austrian national team six times. On October 28, 1962, the Népstadion presented itself against the Hungarian national team, where the Austrian team lost 2–0.

Successes, awards

Austria WienAustrian Championship champion (2): 1961–62, 1962–63 Austrian cup winner (2): 1962, 1963


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