Ivan Andrassew


January 27, 2022

András Iván, (originally Andrasev; (Budapest, July 29, 1952 - Budapest, January 14, 2015) Hungarian writer, newspaper writer.


His parents were Iván Andrasev and Dana Németh, and his wife Katalin Csuha was an English teacher. His children are Wanda, Tamara, David Igor and Milos Philippines. Career He graduated from the MÚOSZ School of Journalism in 1978 with a degree in foreign policy, and then graduated from the Faculty of Sociology and Philosophy of the Evening University of Marxism-Leninism in 1982. He started writing at the Franciscan grammar school in Esztergom. From 1970 he worked as a scientific assistant and later as a newspaper editor. In the meantime, he studied self-taught, listening to a number of university and college lectures. From 1979 he was a butcher, in 1984 he was a butcher, from 1989 he was the head of Mai Nap, then Népszabadság, Hócipő, Color Sunday, the head of Népszava and then the editor-in-chief of iNteRNeTTo. In the meantime, he is the founding editor-in-chief of Hócipő Online, an employee of the József Katona Theater, a media consultant of IDG, an editor-in-chief of EOL, a correspondent for the Hungarian Word in Romania and a presenter of Klubrádió. He was a scholarship holder of JAK, Hekerle, Móricz, Eötvös and MHB, and was supported by the Reprographic Association of Hungarian Vocational and Fiction Authors and Publishers (MASZRE). He was a member of the National Association of Hungarian Journalists, the Society of Fine Writers and the president of the Tamás Szegő Award Foundation. He died on 14 January 2015 after a long-term, serious illness.


Prize of the Endre Gerelyes short story competition (1984, 1987) Prize of the Louis the Great Competition for the Prolile Award (1984) Zsigmond Móricz Scholarship (1987) Móra Publisher Award (1989) Smoke Milan Prize (1989) tomorrow's Publisher Award (1990) Opus Award (1995) Prize of the LinkBudapest short story competition (1999) Pál Szalai Memorial Award (2005) Ferenc Fejtő Award (2006) Mihály Táncsics Award (2007) Paul Demény Memorial Medal (2007) Free Press Award (2009) Civil Rights Award (2009) Miklós Radnóti Anti-Racist Award (2010) György Libik Award (2012)

His works

Dog Troubles (Anthology, 1987) Hungarian Mosaic ‘86 (anthology 1987) Prolile (with János Pál, 1988) Trapper (narratives, 1989) Will (narratives, 1989) Prolitology (with János Pál, 1990) Periphery Kingdom (narratives, 1995) Dude! (anthology, 1998) Königreich am Rande ... Erzählungen aus Ungarn. Wilhelm Heyne Verlag Munich (anthology 1999) The Hippopotamus, Sziporka and Géza Bamba (fairy tale anthology 2001) Talks (narratives 2002) Alibi for six months 4th Bath (anthology 2003) Alibi for six months 5. Gentlemen - Ladies (anthology 2003) Alibi for six months 6. - Luck (anthology 2004) Book of Short Stories (Anthology 2005) Das Königreich am Rande (translated by Karlheinz Schweitzer, Gabriele Schäfer Verlag 2008) A Thousand Hungarian Haiku (anthology, 2010) Vashideg. Notes for a short story; Noran Libro, Bp., 2011 Trapper. A collection of narratives from the following volumes: Apocalypse, Will, Trapper, Periphery, Talks; Fapadoskonyv.hu, Bp., 2011 Do not lead us into temptation; Noran Libro, Bp., 2012 Péter Róna: From Miskolc to Oxford; reporter Andrassew Iván; Noran Libro, Bp., 2012 Csanád and the family; XXI. Century, Bp., 2013



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More information

The distant diary of Ivan Andrassew 111 haiku Official website video: Who was Andrassew Ivan? (Volongoto Documentary) e-book: Who was Andrew Andrew? (Budapest, 2016)

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