Gold team


December 7, 2021

The Golden Team (Mighty Magyars, Marvelous Magyars, Magnificent Magyars, Magical Magyars) is the decorative sign and well-known name of the best Hungarian football team of all time. This team played together from the years 1950 to 1956, but the wider period is between 1941 and 1960. The team played a number of footballers of exceptional ability, but Ferenc Puskás also stood out, who became an emblematic figure and is still one of them. is the best known Hungarian in the world. Outstanding among the team's matches is the friendly for the 6: 3 title of "Match of the Century" at the Wembley Stadium in London on 25 November 1953. But his most important match was the final of the 1954 World Cup, where the five-year-old Hungarian team lost 3 to 2 of the West German national team. From the German point of view, German football history refers to their “lucky victory” against the more likely Hungarians as the “miracle of Bern”. In 2017, Tóth II. With the death of Joseph, the Golden Team finally went to the grave. In 2018, György Szepesi, the sports reporter mentioned as the 12th member of the Golden Team, left the ranks at the age of 96.


The Hungarian national team experienced perhaps the lowest point in its history during the Second World War. On April 6, 1941, in a friendly match against the German national team in Cologne, the Hungarian national team suffered a devastating defeat of 7–0. On October 7, 1943, the Swedish national team again defeated the Hungarian national team in a friendly match at the Üllői út stadium at home. In 1944, due to the events of the war, the competition of the club teams was turned into a military league and the national team was unable to play a match that year.

Golden Team Stadium

The Népstadion (now Puskás Arena), built in 1953, had the largest audience in the Hungary-Austria match: 104,000 spectators. Among other things, the retreat of the “match of the century” (6: 3) took place here, where the Hungarians won 7: 1 against England.

Compiling the Golden Team

The most famous line-up of the Golden Team is a band that wins against the English at Wembley, but they are not the Golden Team themselves. Federal Captain: Gusztáv Sebes (1906–1986) The Golden Team entered the field with this line-up and jersey number: 1 Gyula Grosics - goalkeeper (1926–2014) 2 Jenő Buzánszky (Kazal) - right back defender (1925–2015) 3 Gyula Lóránt - midfielder (1923–1981) 4 Mihály Lantos - left defender (1928–1989) 5 József Bozsik (Cucu) - right cover (1925–1978) 6 József Zakariás (Zaki) - left cover (1924–1971) 7 Budai II. László (Púpos) - right-wing (1928–1983) 8 Sándor Kocsis (Cube) - right connector (1929–1979) 9 Nándor Hidegkuti (Old) - withdrawn middle striker (1922–2002) 10 Ferenc Puskás (Öcsi) - left connector (1927–2006) 11 Zoltán Czibor (Crazy, Rags) - left wing (1929–1997) During the unbeaten victory of the Golden Team (May 14, 1950 - July 4, 1954), he ran on the field only four times in the legendary line-up, on May 17, 1953 in Rome. against the Italians, on 15 November 1953 in Budapest against the Swedes, on 25 November 1953 in London against the English, and on 11 April 1954 in Vienna against the Austrians. The Golden Team never played their matches in the legendary line-up, the starting line-up changed on the four occasions until the end of the match (Palotás and Gellér came in to replace them).

The structure of the Golden Team

The team’s tactics were also pioneering. Federal captain Gusztáv Sebes continues on the road started by Márton Bukovi to the left cover of the team

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