List of reigning princes and archduke of Austria


May 19, 2022

Babenberg House (976–1246)

Read more: House Earl of Babenberg in Austria Lipót I (976–994) Henry I the Strong (994–1018) Winner Adalbert (1018–1055) Ernő I. Bátor (1055–1075) II. Just Lipot (1075-1095) III. St. Leopold (1095–1136) ARC. Generous Lipót (1136–1141) II. Jasomirgott Henrik (1141–1156)

Interregnum (1246–1278)

See also: History of Austria ArticleII. Ottokár Nagy (1251–1278) (claimant)

Habsburg House (1278–1780)

Read more: Habsburg HouseIV. After Rudolf's death, Austria split in two between his sons, one half in III. Albert, and the other III. Leopold was ruled by his descendants. Albert took over the central part of the country, while Lipót came to Upper Austria and Upper Austria, ie Styria, Carinthia and Tyrol. The Lipót branch later also split into two parts. Lords of the Lipót branch: III. Lipót (1365–1386) Vilmos (1386–1406) ARC. Lipót (co-ruler) (1386–1411) II. Ernő (co-ruler) (1402–1424) ARC. Frederick (1406–1439) VI. Albert (1424–1463) (since 1457 as Archduke) Frederick V (1424–1493) (from 1463 as Archduke) Sigismund (1439–1490) The rulers of the Albert branch: III. Albert (1365-1395) ARC. Albert (1395-1404) V. Albert (1404–1439) László (1440–1457) (from 1453 as archduke)

Habsburg-Lorraine House (1780-1804)

See also Habsburg-Lorraine HouseII. Francis converted Austria into an inherited empire in 1804 and crowned himself emperor of Austria under the name of Francis I.

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