Berta (first name)


August 14, 2022

The female name Berta is of Germanic origin and means: bright, shining, famous. Female names containing the German -bert element (e.g. Alberta) can also be nicknames.

Relative names

Alberta, Albertine, Albertina, Babett, Bertina, Betta, Betti


It was very rare among names given to newborns in the 1990s. In the 2000s and 2010s, it was not among the 100 most frequently given female names. Regarding the entire population, Berta was not among the 100 most commonly used female names in either the 2000s or the 2010s.

Name days

May 1, July 4, August 6.

Famous Bertás

Berta Boncza, wife of poet Endre Ady (Csinszka) Bertha von Suttner, radical pacifist Austrian novelist, the first woman awarded the Nobel Peace Prize Leni Riefenstahl (born Berta Helene Amalie Riefenstahl), German dancer, actress, film director, photographer Berta Kelemenné Zathureczky, writer Berta Mayer, Mihály Munkácsy prize-winning painter Berta Zuckerkandl is an Austrian writer, journalist and critic Berta Mednyánszky, love of Sándor Petőfi Berta, IV. Wife of the Holy Roman Emperor Henry Berta Hall, Swedish actress Berta Hillberg, Swedish actress Bertha, wife of Ethelbert, Queen of Kent Bertha, Duchess of Burgundy, II. Second wife of King Robert of France Bertha Ringer, wife of Karl Benz Bertha Zahourek, Olympic bronze medalist Austrian swimmer Berta Türk, actress, cabaret singer Berta Hernández, actress

Other Bertas

Fat Berta, it was a cannon with which they fired at Paris from German territories Berta mill, a famous water mill in Tata (see: Water mills in Tata) Boxcar Bertha, Martin Scorsese's first feature film (from 1972) Böhöm Bertha (Big Bertha), a character from Marvel Comics



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