Bernat Buchbinder


July 6, 2022

Bernát Buchbinder (full German name Bernhard Ludwig Buchbinder; Budapest, July 7, 1849 - September 20, 1922 - Vienna, June 24, 1922) was an Austro-Hungarian actor, journalist and writer working under the pseudonym Gustav Klinger. He wrote his best-known libretto for the operetta The Forest Girl.

His life

His date of birth in the death register is July 7, but according to his personal statement it was September 20, 1849. First he was an actor, then he published the German-language humorous fiction weekly Das Kleine Journal in Budapest. In 1887, he moved to Vienna, where he lived as a newspaper columnist, among other things he wrote for the Neue Wiener Journal. In addition to his work as a journalist, he wrote novels with a Viennese atmosphere, folk plays and especially operetta librettos.


The Devil of the New Building, novel (1884) The Singer of Palermo, operetta in 3 acts (1888) The Devil's Bell, opera in 3 acts (1891) A Theater Princess of Vienna, novel (1894) Miss Witch, operetta in 3 acts (with Alfréd Maria Willner, music: Josef Bayer) The refugees, opera buffa in 3 acts The Kitchens Comtesse. farce in 3 acts The lady from the circus, operetta The kibic, farce in 3 acts The Butterfly, operetta in 3 acts (with Alfred Maria Willner, 1896 (music: Charles Weinberger) The Goddess of Reason, operetta (with Alfred Maria Willner, 1897, music: Johann Strauss Jr.) Modern People, farce in 3 acts (1899, music: Joseph Hellmesberger Jr.) He and his sister, farce in 4 scenes (1902, music: Rudolf Raimann) The musician and his wife, a musical folk play in 4 acts (1903) The Laundry Girl, operetta (1905, music: Rudolf Raimann) The Shoemaker, farce in 4 acts (1906) The forest girl, operetta in 3 acts (1907, music: György Jarnó) Paula does everything, an operetta farce in 4 acts (1909) The Music Girl, operetta in 3 acts (1910, music: György Jarnó) The new girl. vaudeville in 3 acts (1911) Mrs. Gretl, farce in 3 acts (1911) Marie-Gustl, operetta (1912) The miracle mill. farce in 3 acts (1914) The Poor, operetta in 3 acts (circa 1917) Maiden Sunshine, operetta (1918) Golden Blessing, musical folk play in 3 acts (1921)

His memory

In 1955, Buchbindergasse was named after him in Hietzing (13th district) in Vienna.


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