Ferenc Csomafáy


October 25, 2021

Ferenc Csomafáy (Cluj-Napoca, May 13, 1936 - Cluj-Napoca, October 6, 2021) is a Hungarian journalist and photographer from Transylvania.


After graduating from the Reformed College in Cluj-Napoca (1954), he enrolled in the Szentgyörgyi István Institute of Dramatic Arts, but left in 1957. He continued his studies at the Bolyai University and the Babeș-Bolyai University, where he successfully graduated in 1962. His first writings and pictures appeared in the daily newspaper Truth in Cluj-Napoca. From 1964 to 1974 he was a photojournalist for Truth, from 1980 to 1985 he was a photographer for the Transylvanian History Museum. His newspaper articles, recordings and photo reports have enriched all Hungarian-language newspapers in Romania since 1958. He rests in the Házsongárd cemetery. ”Ferenc Csomafáy is an outstanding artist of a large generation. It was launched by the Reformed College of Cluj-Napoca, more precisely by its successor institution. After graduating from the College of Performing Arts, he graduated from the Faculty of Arts and became a journalist, reporter and photojournalist in one person. And when the time came to put the written word to the test, he did not sell himself, but retreated into the world of images, where the power of censorship is broken, and where the message can best be hidden so that anyone who approaches the work from the right side still tells everything. “- Ágnes Frigyesy (Osservatorio letterario, Ferrara, 2007).

His works

photo reports on the most significant events in Transylvania from the post-war decades portraits of prominent personalities from Transylvania countless newspaper articles, social and art criticism DÖ; [Ödön Dusa]; s.n., s.l., 1999 The Nagybánya Art and Artists' Colony in the Hungarian Press, 1919–1944; ed. Jenő Murádin, photo Katalin M. Beyer, Ferenc Csomafáy, Tamás Szabó; MissionArt Gallery, Miskolc, 2000 (Documents from the history of the Nagybánya Artists' Colony IV.)


My portrait gallery in Transylvania - in many places in Romania and Hungary. Stage light image - in Cluj-Napoca, in the hall of Cs. Gyimesi Éva of the Minerva Cultural Association. February 2012

Photo Gallery



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More information

"One or two people went in front of my camera ..." Ferenc Csomafáy about his decades of work, transindex.ro, July 3, 2019.

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