David Sassoli


January 27, 2022

David-Maria Sassoli (Florence, 30 May 1956 - Aviano, 11 January 2022) is an Italian journalist and politician for the Italian Democratic Party (PD). He has been a Member of the European Parliament since 2009, Vice-President from 2014 to 2019 and President from 3 July 2019 until his death.

Your journalistic activity

David Sassoli holds a degree in political science from the University of Florence. After working for smaller dailies and press agencies, he became a member of Il Giorno’s Rome editorial office in 1985. He saddled for RAI public television in 1992 and worked for Sandro Curzinek at Telegiornale Rai 3. The main topics of his reports were the mafia and organized crime. In the 1996-97 season, he directed an afternoon show called La cronaca in diretta for Rai 2, conducted by Carlo Freccero. Therefore, in 1997, he was awarded the title of Best Television Journalist of the Year (Premio Ischia Internazionale di Giornalismo). In 1999, he joined the editorial office of TG1, Rai 1's main news program, as a special correspondent. In 2007, he became Vice President of TG1, in charge of TV7 and Speciale TG1, which provided political background information. From 2004 to 2007, he was president of the Association of Roman Journalists (Associazione Stampa Romana). He also participated in the Articolo 21 association, which promotes freedom of expression and freedom of the press (under Article 21 of the Italian Constitution). Political trajectory In the 2009 European elections, Sassoli was elected to the European Parliament as the best candidate for the Partito Democratico in Central Italy, with more than 400,000 priority votes. He was on leave at RAI during his parliamentary term, but announced that he would “devote the rest of his life to politics”. He belonged to the parliamentary group of the Progressive Alliance of Social Democrats (S&D) and was a spokesman for the PD Group during the 2009-2014 parliamentary term. He was a member of the Committee on Development from 2009 to 2010 and from the Committee on Transport and Tourism from 2010 to 2014. He was also an envoy for relations with Israel and relations with the Pan-African Parliament. Prior to the 2013 mayoral election in Rome, Sassoli ran in the pre-election for the center-left alliance. He was second behind Ignazio Marino with 28% of the vote, winning the candidacy and then the mayoral election. After being re-elected to the European Parliament in 2014. Sassoli was one of the vice-presidents of the EU Parliament in the 2019 parliamentary term. He was again a member of the Committee on Transport and Tourism and a delegation from the EU-Serbia Stabilization and Association Committee. He has emerged as a critic of the Italian government of the Northern League and the 5 Star Movement, particularly with regard to the issue of immigration and the confrontational attitude towards the EU institutions. On 3 July 2019, he was elected President of the EU Parliament to replace his compatriot Antonio Tajani. In the second ballot, it obtained the required majority by 345 out of 667 valid votes.


David Sassoli was married and had two children. He was considered a progressive Catholic and had participated in Catholic organizations since he was young. He was a fan of the Fiorentina football club. Because of his weakened immune system, Sassoli has been treated in a hospital in Aviano since December 26, 2021. He also died there on January 11, 2022, at the age of 65 years.



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