October 25, 2021

The Dniester (Дністер in Ukrainian, Nistru in Romanian) is a 1362 km long river in Ukraine and Moldova. It originates in the Bessads, Ukraine, near the Polish border, and flows into the Black Sea. It forms a natural border between Moldova and Ukraine on a short stretch, and then lies on the east coast of the internationally unrecognized Transnistrian Republic. There is a hydroelectric power plant on the river near Novodnistrovsk.


Ancient Latin records refer to the river as Tyras. Its present name was given by the Sarmatians when they arrived in the bastard accommodation area. The word "Dniester" contains the word Sarmatian dən ( "river water"), so it means "river Bastarna". Settlements along the river Sambir Hotin Soroca Rîbnița Tighina Tiraspol Transnistria

Additional waters

Major tributaries (distance in brackets from the estuary): Bîc Răut Szivka Limnicja Dzvina Ushytsia River Lyadova River Yahorlyk River Kuchurhan River Szkurtjanka Kamenka River Koropets Hnizna Ribnica Murafa River Barysh Botna River Dzhuryn Ternava Turunchuk River Sirecth Beloci Derlo Zhvan River Zubra River Kalyus River Karayets Markivka River Ocna Rusava river Viknytsia River Smotrics (left, 795 km) Zsvancsik (left bank, 843 km) Zbrucs (left, 846 km) Nyicslava (left bank, 885 km) Likes (left, 993 km) Strip (left bank, 996 km) Zolota Lipa (bal, 1089 km) Bistricja (right, 1117 km) Hnila Lipa (bal, 1129 km) Lukva (right bank, 1130 km) Svicsa (right, 1168 km) Strij (right, 1190 km) Bistricja Tiszmenicka (right, 1236 km) Verescsicja (left bank, 1238 km) Strivihor (left bank, 1266 km) Oreb (right, 1289 km) Kremjanka (right, 1301 km) Topilnicja (right, 1327 km)

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Map and data of the Transnistrian catchment area PDF

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