January 27, 2022

The city of Dunakeszi is the seat of the Dunakeszi district in the Budapest agglomeration, Pest county. It is the second most populated town in the county after Érd. Divided with the town of Budakalász on the other side of the Danube, it is also referred to as the “Gate of the Danube Bend”.


Geographical location

The city of Dunakeszi is located on the left bank of the Danube, about 15 km north of Budapest. Geographic coordinates: north latitude 47 degrees 38 minutes and east longitude 19 degrees 8 minutes. Dunakeszi belongs to the middle part of the plain along the Danube of the Great Plain, most of which is located in the Pest alluvial plain, and a smaller part in the Vác – Pest-Danube Valley micro-regions. Dunakeszi borders Budapest, Fót, Göd and the Horánny belonging to the Sziget Monastery on Szentendre Island. Due to its geographical location, it is the "northern gate of the capital and Pest" and also the "gate of the Danube Bend".


Most of the territory of Dunakeszi is located at an altitude of between 100 and 160 m above sea level. Along the Danube, the area belonging to the Vác-Pesti-Danube Valley is the lowest, which is a plain with a slightly wavy surface. Here, the low and high floodplain areas are on average 3 and 6 meters higher than the 0 point of the Danube, respectively, and the vast majority of the surface forms were formed by the destructive (erosion) and construction, accumulation (accumulation) activities of the river water. The area belonging to the Pest alluvial plain is in a higher position, the Danube I and II. formed on alluvial terraces, rising steadily to the east towards higher terraces. The surface of the roughly north-south terrace strip was transformed into a valley divided by valleys due to the small watercourses flowing into the Danube, the slope movements and the surface-forming effect of the wind.


The Danube, which is the second longest and most extensive river in Europe after the Volga, forms the western border of Dunakeszi. At the Szentendre Island, the width of the Danube River, divided into two branches by the Danube, is 500–600 m wide and the water depth is more than 2.5 m at a distance of 50–100 m from the shore. More detailed data are known nearby in Budapest, where the maximum water depth is between 3 and 10 m, and the water velocity increasing with increasing water depth can reach 0.5 m / s on average, but it can reach 2.5 m / s during floods. The water level of the Danube and the amount of water flowing in the riverbed varies according to the rainfall conditions. Due to rainfall and snowmelt in the Alps, there are two floods a year, one is the icy flood in the spring and the other is the early summer green flood. Protection against floods is provided by dams built along the river and by former ditches that also facilitate navigation. The current floodplain of the Danube at Dunakeszi is approx. It is located at an altitude of 101 to 102 m above sea level. Due to the east-west slope of the surface in the area of ​​Dunakeszi and its surroundings, the smaller watercourses run from the Gödöllő Hills towards the Danube Valley. At the southern border of the town, the Mogyoródi stream flows, which flows into the Szilas stream near Újpest, collecting the water of the Csömöri stream from the south and the Ocean trench transformed into a canal from the north, and the latter finally flows into the Danube. In the Danube riparian zone, the river is reached by several short-water streams in the east-west direction, of which only the largest are named: Nagycsurgó flows in the Malom ditch on the northern border of the town and Kiscsurgó is located slightly north of the ferry crossing. Such water leaks occur, for example, in the part from the main road 2 towards the Danube, the so-called Also in the area of ​​wet gardens. The stagnant waters are represented by small marshy ponds located west of Szabadságliget, ie Dunakeszi-Alsó, and by artificial lakes created during peat and gravel mining (Peat Lakes, Pebble Lake, Barrakuda Lake). J

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