Margaret of Durazzo, Queen of Hungary


August 14, 2022

Margaret of Durazzo (Italian: Margherita di Durazzo; Naples, July 28, 1347 - Acquamela, August 6, 1412), Duchess of Durazzo from the House of Capeting-Anjou, daughter of Prince Charles of Anjou and Mary of Calabria, III. Through her marriage to the Neapolitan and Hungarian kings, Károly became the queen of Naples, Hungary and Croatia, and after the murder of her husband, she became the regent of the Kingdom of Naples. II. Queen Johanna of Naples and mother of László, the Hungarian claimant to the throne.

His life

His father was the son of Károly I (Anjou) (1323–1348) Duke of Durazzo, János (1294–1336) Duke of Durazzo and Countess Ágnes of Périgord. His paternal great-grandparents II. King Charles of Naples and Mária of Árpád-házi, daughter of King István V of Hungary. His mother was Princess Maria of Anjou (1329-1366) of Naples, sister of Queen Johanna I of Naples, second-born daughter of Prince Charles (1298-1328) of Calabria and Princess Maria of Valois (1309-1332) of France. Margit's father was executed by Lajos Nagy, as he believed him to be guilty of murdering his younger brother, Duke András, destined for the throne of Naples. After the death of the childless Queen Johanna in 1381, her husband inherited the crown of Naples, and after the death of Louis the Great, in 1385, he invited the Croatian party opposing Queen Mária and her mother, the dowager Queen Elizabeth, to the Hungarian throne. He was crowned king at the end of 1385, but the dowager queen murdered him in February 1386. The Croatian party then recognized Károly's son, the nine-year-old Prince László, as king, and in his stead, between 1385 and 1390, his mother, the widowed Queen Margaret, ruled the Kingdom of Naples as regent. She insisted that her husband's death be avenged by his Hungarian supporters, which was soon realized, because Mária and Elizabeth, who had set out to quell the rebellion in the southern region that broke out due to the murder of Charles, were captured by the Croats and taken to Novigrád Castle, where the queen mother was strangled in January 1387 on the orders of Pál Horváti. Károly's murderer, master cupbearer Balázs Forgách, met the same fate, and his head was sent to Queen Margaret of Naples to prove his murder. In 1390, he handed over the government to his son, Prince László, and retired to Salerno. He later lived in Acquamela, where he died on August 6, 1412. She was a devout Catholic woman and in her last years entered the Franciscan Third Order. According to his will, he was buried in the Cathedral of Salerno. His son survived him by only two years, leaving him with an illegitimate grandson, Rinaldo di Durazzo. In 1414, the throne of Naples was inherited by his daughter, Princess Johanna.

His children

Margit married her cousin Prince Károly of Durazzo in February 1369. Three children were born from their marriage: Mária (November/December 1369 – 1371) died as a small child II. Queen Johanna of Naples (June 23, 1373 – February 2, 1435) László (11 February 1377 – 6 August 1414) the later King László of Naples



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