Ede (first name)


October 25, 2021

The male name Ede is the German abbreviation for the names Edward, Edward.


It is a very rare name in the 1990s, not among the 100 most common male names in the 2000s.

Name days

January 5 March 10 March 18 October 13 November 17 December 1

Famous Edek

Painter Ede Balló Banda Ede is a cellist Blasy Ede is a hunter, trader and public owner in Felka Egán Ede is a farmer and cultural politician Ede Horváth is a politician and the CEO of Rába Hungarian Wagon and Machine Factory Ede Ivánfi is a historian and gracious teacher King Ede is an Olympic silver medalist and world champion figure skater Ede Kuliffay theater secretary, poet, publicist Magyar Ede is an architect Ede Mahler is a Hungarian-Austrian orientalist, astronomer and naturalist Sculptor Ede Margó Paulay Ede actor, color director Violinist Ede Reményi Archaeologist Ede Richter Writer Ede Szigligeti Ede Telcs is a sculptor and medalist Ede Teller is an American physicist of Hungarian origin Ede Wéber winemaker, farmer, teacher Violinist Ede Zathureczky



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