United Kingdom


August 13, 2022

United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland - simply United Kingdom (UK) or (inaccurately) Great Britain (GB) - Western European island country, which is the entire British Isles includes its territory and the northeastern part of the island of Ireland, as well as several smaller islands. Only Northern Ireland has a land border with Ireland, apart from that the country is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the North Sea, the English Channel and the Irish Sea. The largest island, the British Isles, is connected to France by the Channel Tunnel. It has not been a member of the European Union since 2020. The United Kingdom is a unitary state (unitary state), the four parts of which are England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Parliamentary monarchy, head of state II. British Queen Elizabeth. The parliament is in London, the country's capital, but it has delegated some of its rights to the parliaments operating in the three national capitals, which are located in Belfast (Northern Ireland), Cardiff (Wales) and Edinburgh (Scotland). The Channel Islands and the Isle of Man are British Crown Dependencies, they are not part of the country, but they are federally connected to it. The United Kingdom has fourteen overseas territories, all remnants of the former British Empire, the largest empire ever, which at its greatest extent in 1922 controlled about a quarter of the land area. Even after the end of the empire, British influence can be found in language, culture, and in many countries the legal system. II. Elizabeth is the head of the Commonwealth and the head of state of the member states of the Commonwealth kingdom. The United Kingdom is a developed industrial country, the fifth most developed economy in terms of nominal GDP and the sixth most developed economy in terms of purchasing power parity. It became the world's first industrialized state during the 19th century, and was the world's strongest power at the beginning of the 20th century. The losses of the two world wars and the disintegration of the empire ended his leadership role. However, there is no doubt that the country is still a great power today, and its economic, political, cultural and military influence is significant. A nuclear power, its national defense budget is the third largest among countries. It is a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, as well as a member of the G8, NATO, the OECD, the World Trade Organization and the Commonwealth of Nations.


Great BritainUnited KingdomThe Acts of Union of 1707 stated that the kingdoms of England (+ Wales) and Scotland would be united "into one kingdom" under the name "Great Britain". The term United Kingdom was occasionally used as a synonym for Great Britain, but its official name was Great Britain until 1800. Acts of 1800 united the kingdoms of Great Britain and Ireland the following year to form the United Kingdom, officially the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland. In the territory of the United Kingdom and its annexes, in addition to English, several others are recognized as native regional languages, the process of which is contained in the European Charter of Regional or Minority Languages. In these languages, the United Kingdom is called: in Cornish - Rywvaneth Unys Breten Veur ha Kledhbarth Iwerdhon; in Irish - Ríocht Unaitehne na Bryat Móire agus Näytää Éireann; in Scots - Unitit Kinrick o Great Breetain an Northren Irland; in Scottish Gaelic - United Kingdom of Breaton Mhòir agus Èireann a Tuath; in Welsh - Teyrnas Uneded Prydain Fawr a Gogledd Iwerdden.


The British Isles, the Irish Isles and the 1,000 smaller and larger islands around them are collectively called the British Isles. Apart from the two main islands,