Ernest Borgnine


January 20, 2022

Ernest Borgnine (Hamden, Connecticut, January 24, 1917 - Los Angeles, July 8, 2012) is an Oscar-winning, Golden Globe and BAFTA-winning American actor.

In the film world

The beginnings

His parents migrated from northern Italy to Connecticut, USA, where Ermes Effron was born Borgnino. After high school, unable to decide on his future, he entered the Navy, where he spent ten years. After a few years of factory work, his mother began attending drama classes at Randall School in Hartford to convince him. After completing his training, he joined the Barter Theater Company in Abingdon; he has played a variety of roles during his four years here. A major breakthrough in his career was the play Harvey, which also aired on Broadway. From here it was a straight road to Hollywood; In 1951, he received his first film role (The Whistle of Eaton Falls). In From Here To Eternity, he appeared alongside Frank Sinatra, who played Maggio, in the role of the cruel Fatso.

At the top

Thanks to his memorable play, he has been given numerous roles in shaping solid and specific characters from dramatic creations to westerns. He was awarded the title role of Marty in 1955; for winning the sensitive and shy butcher, Marty Piletti, he won the Oscar for Best Male Lead in nominations for Spencer Tracy, James Cagney, Frank Sinatra or just James Dean. Although he still got enough of the main role in the film, the filmmakers of the time expected him more as a character actor. Between 1962 and 1966, he appeared on television in the comedy series McHale’s Navy as Lieutenant Quinton McHale, and then between 1984 and 1986 as one of the protagonists in the series Airwolf. He also appeared in countless TV movies in the 2000s; He lends his voice to Kobaka in the cartoon series SpongeBob Kockanadrág, which was also broadcast in Hungary, but he also had the opportunity to synchronize himself in the cartoon The Simpson Family. He was last seen in Hungary in the 2010 film Red, but he has also appeared in several films in the last two years of his life. He worked until his death.


They were married to Mexican-born Kathy Jurado for three years. The actress was able to live peacefully with Ethel Merman for less than two months; They divorced in July 1964. In 1972, he married Tova Traesnaes, who ran a successful and growing cosmetics company in Beverly Hills. He died on July 8, 2012, as a result of kidney failure, at the age of 95 years. Selected filmography The Whistle at Eaton Falls (1951) The Mob (1951) From Here to Eternity (1953) The Stranger Wore a Gun (1953) Johnny Guitar (1954) Vera Cruz (1954) Marty (1955) McHale's Navy (1964) The Flight of the Phoenix (1965) The Oscar (1966) The Dirty Dozen (1967) The Wild Bunch ([1969]) Willard (1971) Poseidon Disaster (1972) Emperor of the North Pole (1973) Jesus of Nazareth (1977) Convoy (1978) The situation in the West remains unchanged (1979) Super Cop (1980) Escape from New York (1981) High Risk (1981) Airwolf Series (1984) The Dirty Dozen (Next Mission) (1985) Stop calling me Indio! (The Manhunt) (1986) The Commander (Geheimcode Wildganse) (1986) The Dirty Dozen (The Deadly Mission) (1987) Treasure Island in Space (L’Isola del tesoro) (1987) The Dirty Dozen (The Fatal Mission) (1988) Laser Mission (1989) Any Man's Death (1990) Appearances (Ap

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