Judit Fenákel


January 27, 2022

Judit Fenákel (Budapest, June 25, 1936 - January 13, 2022) is a Hungarian writer and journalist. Author of several audio games, wallets and newspaper articles. Career He lived as a child in Endrőd. He also attended elementary schools here. They were deported from Austria to Austria with their mother. His father died in the service. After the Second World War he moved to Szeged with his mother. Here he finished primary school and enrolled in teacher training. He graduated from the Teacher Training College and then from the Attila József University. From 1957 to 1962 he worked as a primary school teacher. Between 1962 and 1969 he was an employee of the Csongrád County Newspaper, and between 1969 and 1972 he was the editor of the University of Szeged. In 1972 he moved back to Budapest. From 1972 she was the senior staff member of Nők Lapja for 16 years, and from 1988 to 2001 she was the reading editor of Családi Lapja.


His parents are Lajos Fenákel and Rózsa Latzkó. In 1958 he married the writer Pál Bárdos. Two sons were born: László Bárdos (1960) and András Bárdos (1964).

Your work

His most important genre is the short story. His attention was focused on the everyday life of vulnerable little people, the world of being in a small town.

His works

Inhabitant of two streets (short stories, 1960) Life is a Funny Thing (Short Stories, 1963) Aquarium (novel, 1966) Ten Days in the Countryside (Novel, 1967) Undressing (short novels, 1970) Lili's Travels (novel, 1973) From May to May (novel, 1974) That's how they do it in Zsombo ...; National Council of the Patriotic People's Front, Bp., 1975 (Facing) Documents on U.M. (novel, 1975) The Real Big Woman (short novel, 1976) Monologue of the Fourth Assistant (Novel, 1978) A Certain Street of Hope (short stories, 1979) Everyone has a novel (portraits, 1979) The Silence (Novel, 1982) The Legacy (Novel, 1983) From Bolonderia to Harmony (fairy tale, 1983) The housekeeper went here (short stories, 1985) Three Short Novels: Lili's Travels, Documents on U.M., The Silence (Novels, 1985) Private History (short story, 1987) Shame (novel 1987) Countess in the Carrot Field (Youth Novel, 1990) Archery (novel, 1993) The Man of the Company (short novel, 2000) The back of the photo (novel, short story, 2002) Folding (Childhood CV written with Ágnes Gergely, 2004) The Blue and Silver Lady (Novels, 2005) Sefüle (short stories, 2007) K-line (short stories, 2013)




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