May 19, 2022

Painting is a branch of fine art that produces artistic compositions from flat colors and lines. Product is a picture or painting. Depending on the material, it can be oil painting, tempera, watercolor, gouache, fresco, mosaic, glass painting, fire enamel, textile, etc. A common feature of these techniques is that colored materials - paint, pieces of glass, enamel, yarns, etc. - are used. - applied, placed on a carrier base. Artistic pages produced by the process of reproduction are not classified as paintings but as graphics. The painting can be pictorial, i.e. figurative, or non-pictorial, i.e. non-figurative. Figurative painting can be divided into genres based on the object of depiction: it can be a life picture, landscape, still life, portrait, etc. According to its application, the painting can be a panel image, a mural, a miniature, etc.


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