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May 19, 2022

The main task of a film director is to direct all the artistic and dramatic aspects of a film production.


Today, in Hungary, a film director is one who, after graduating from the University of Theater and Film Arts, works in this field and directs films. General qualities required for the film directing profession visual talent social knowledge technical-managerial sensitivity

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Usually, the filmmakers bring the theme or the short story from which the script is made. In genre, this is how the film will be: author's film. Based on the scenario, the film director is looking for a producer who will raise the money needed to shoot the film and manage the production of the film. If the producer initiates the production of a film, he shall select a film director, screenwriter, actors, other artists and contributors, as appropriate, in agreement with the film director. The film director also directs the work of the cameraman and editor, and is responsible for selecting the actors and approving their play. There are directors who also work in theaters, and conversely, writers, actors and / or cinematographers direct successful films. At one time, it was only possible to apply for a degree in film directing, and it is typical that directors of cartoons and animated films usually have a basic education in fine arts.



A master's degree in film directing starts at SZFE, Art »Film director, Neoart Film Academy, Film School, Film Production, Film Production, Photography, Film, Film directors in Hungarian and universal film history, Andrea Kárpáti: Visual talent, Judit Anna Molnár: "Film Sensitivity and Commitment to the Career" Géza M. Tóth and Tamás Almási about the master's programs of SZFE,

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