August 13, 2022

A periodical is a type of periodical that is mostly published monthly, possibly bimonthly or quarterly; therefore, it is characterized by periodicity, so its content is related to this. It includes news, essays, short stories and publications. It usually covers a certain topic and targets a certain group of readers. Journals must meet certain formal requirements and have an ISSN number. Journals can also be in electronic format (html, PDF). The exploration of the content of magazines, newspapers, periodicals with a summary name, their names, the mentioned institutions, events, etc. its collection and systematization, according to specific aspects, provided with aids (indexes, illustrations, etc.) are communicated in the repertoires (article bibliography). The magazine is a transition between a book and a daily newspaper. It means innovation in print media. The first independent Hungarian journal was the Magyar Museum in Kassa (1788–1793), edited by Ferenc Kazinczy and János Batsányi.


The magazine (archived link) The electronic journal (archived link) Géza Buzinkay: Little Hungarian press history II of 1986 law on the press (Chapter IV, § 20)

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Our first journals: Magyar Museum, 1-2; press order. Attila Debreczeni, contributor. Krisztina Gyimesi, Ildikó Harsányi, Erika Sike; Kossuth University, Debrecen, 2004 (Csokonai Library. Sources) The culture of magazines from the perspective of the electronic age; ed. Anna Gács; L'Harmattan, Bp., 2007 Processes, fault lines, displacements. Lectures and studies on Hungarian magazine culture; ed. István Ladányi, Viktória Pintér; János Sziveri Institute–Gondolat, Veszprém–Bp., 2015 (Sziveri booklets)