István Geosits


July 5, 2022

István Geosits (Croatian: Štefan Geošić) (Szentpéterfa, August 17, 1927 – Kelénpatak, June 20, 2022) is an Austrian Roman Catholic priest, researcher, writer, translator, author of the contemporary Burgenland Croatian language.

His life and work

He was born in Szentpéterfá, Vas county. He completed his elementary school studies here, finished high school in Szombathely, and then studied theology in Vienna, the capital of neighboring Austria. He was ordained a priest in Burgenland. Between 1952 and 1955, he was a chaplain in the Croatian settlements of Füles, Pándorfalu and Malomháza. He later continued his theological studies in Jerusalem and Rome, among other things he studied biblical theology in the so-called in the framework of study leave. He was transferred to Kelénpatak in 1958, where he lived until his death. In 1964, he also received a doctorate in theology and was a college associate professor until 1991. In 1976, he renovated the village's Roman Catholic church and actively participated in the organization of Croatian cultural life. He wrote plays in his native language for the local theater circle, which has a long tradition in the literature of Burgenland's Croats. During this time, he began to translate the Old Testament Scriptures from Hebrew into the Gradišće language, and he also prepared an amended translation for the existing New Testament. He translated the latter from Greek, as the version used until then was based on the Latin Vulgate. The long work was completed by 2016, and on April 24, the new Gradišće Bible was presented, which was published in several large volumes. He is credited with writing or contributing to several prayer and liturgical books. István Geosits also prepared a historical monograph on Szentpéterfa, Kelénpatak and Burgenland Croats. On June 24, 2012, his solemn diamond mass took place in Kelénpatak. In 2015, he won the Cultural Award of the Croatians of Grádistyei for his work. He died at the age of 94 in Kelénpatak. His funeral took place in the same place on July 1, 2022, which was celebrated by the Bishop of Kismarton, Ägidius Zsifkovics, with the participation of the County Bishop of Szombathely, János Székely.

His works published in Hungarian

Stefan Geosits: Saint Peter's Tree. 1221–1996 / Petrovo Selo / Prostrum; Tusch, Vienna, 1996


More information

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