Gil Evans


May 21, 2022

Gil Evans, born Ian Ernest Gilmore Green (Toronto, May 13, 1912 - Cuernavaca, March 20, 1988) Canadian jazz pianist, arranger, composer, conductor.

Career image

He formed his first band in 1933 in California. He did the orchestrations for the band. They later became the backing band of the popular singer, Skinnay Ennis. Despite being self-taught, he reached the highest professional heights as a pianist and composer. He provided the best of his talent as an orchestrator. In the 1940s, he was an arranger for Claude Thornhill and had the opportunity to try out different sounds and unusual musical solutions. Thornhill’s world was an interesting music workshop for Evans. These had a decisive influence on his later activities. His favorite saying was: insecurity is the secret of eternal youth.

Your works

(selection) Again and Again and Again, 1956 Alyrio, 1980 Arab Dance, 1942 Bilbao Song, 1959 Bud and Bird, 1983 Concorde, 1963 El Toreador, 1963 Flute Song, 1960 Gone ( Orgone), 1958 Hotel Me ( Jelly Roll), 1963 Jambalangle, 1956 La Nevada, 1959 Las Vegas Tango, 1963 Makes Her Move, 1959 Petit Machins ( Eleven), 1968, with Miles Davis Proclamation, 1964 So Long, 1964 Song # 1, 1962 Song # 2, 1962 Solea, 1959 Spaced, 1969 The Time of the Barracudas, 1963, with Miles Davis Zee Zee, 1971



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