Hans Bangerter


August 14, 2022

Hans Bangerter (Studen (BE), June 10, 1924 - ?, August 2, 2022) is a Swiss sports manager, the third and longest-serving general secretary of the European Football Association (29 years). He took part in the founding of UEFA, first being Deputy Secretary General, then in 1960 he took over from Pierre Delaunay and remained in his post until 1989, when the German Gerhard Aigner replaced him. During his presidency, in 1985, the Heysel tragedy occurred, when 39 fans lost their lives before the European Cup final, so he later received a suspended prison sentence of three months and a fine of 30,000 Swiss francs. In 2004, he was awarded the Cross of Merit by FIFA for his role in the establishment and expansion of UEFA and the creation of international cup series. He was elected an honorary member of UEFA, which allows him to attend the organization's congresses without the right to vote.


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