Humphrey Bogart


January 20, 2022

Humphrey DeForest Bogart (New York, December 25, 1899 - Los Angeles, January 14, 1957) is an Oscar-winning American actor. His trademark raw, cynical, and concise style, manners, and talent made him the most popular male star of Hollywood’s golden age. His best-known role was in Rick Blaine's film Casablanca (1942), and they formed a legendary couple with his future wife, Lauren Bacall, through several films.


She grew up in New York City’s upscale neighborhood as the child of a well-known surgeon and graphic artist with her two sisters. He learned to play chess and sail from his father, which he pursued to a high degree for the rest of his life. After a fleeting semester at the Andover Academy in Massachusetts, he was enlisted in the Navy in May 1918. Legend has it that he obtained the scab on his upper lip here when a prisoner in custody tried to escape and cut him in the mouth with his handcuffs. According to the story, Bogart, caring nothing about his injury, recklessly threw himself after the fugitive and captured the fugitive. According to a more prosaic version, the wound was dropped at the age of 12 by a large, pointed piece of wood.


Bogart’s artistic career began in 1920 when actress Alice Brady discovered her talent. In his first role as a Japanese waiter, he had only dazzled his family and friends, critics had not noticed him yet. After a number of stage and film roles, the breakthrough came in 1934 when director-producer Arthur Hopkins contracted him to the role of Duke Mantee, the Runaway Killer, for his film The Enchanted Forest. Bogart's appearance on the scene had a powerful effect on the audience. His ice-cold gaze, hunched, and gestures convinced the audience that they did see a killer, even though he hadn’t even spoken. Bogart’s individuality and abilities were so impressive that Warner Brothers signed a permanent contract with him. From then on, there were constant gangster roles, which he flawlessly played without exception. The film High Sierra was directed by Raoul Walsh and the screenplay was written by Bogart’s drinking buddy and friend John Huston. Years later, he was found starring in The Maltese Falcon (1941). The shaping of private detective Sam Spade, which resulted in an exciting blend of sophistication, charm and honesty, impressed viewers. At the same time, a casting of the war romance Casablanca took place, during which the young Swedish beauty, Ingrid Bergman, was selected alongside Bogart. Eventually, a work was born that is still recorded among the best films of all time. Casablanca was introduced in January 1943 and was a huge blockbuster. Professional recognition wasn’t left behind either: At the Oscars, the creators swept the Best Film, Best Screenplay, and Best Direction awards, but the work also earned five additional nominations, including Bogart for Best Actor. Casablanca is one of those rare films whose scenes are often cited by other filmmakers in their films (e.g., Woody Allen: Replay, Sam; Emir Kusturica: Cat, etc.).

Bogart and Bacall

A year later, Warner Brothers commissioned emerging young star Lauren Bacall as Bogart’s partner in Martinique based on Ernest Hemingway’s novel. When the two actors first met, Bogart said to Bacall, “We’re going to have a great time together,” and he couldn’t have said anything more apt. They were married on May 21, 1945, in Ohio. Bogart and Bacall bought a white brick mansion in Holmby Hills, a luxurious neighborhood between Beverly Hills and Bel-Air, for $ 160,000. Bogart and Bacall owned two Jaguar cars and 3 boxer dogs. They enjoyed the company of their neighbors, special

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