Antal Huták


July 5, 2022

Antal Huták (Atkár, November 2, 1948 – June 21, 2022) is a Hungarian international football referee. His other occupation is chemical engineer, inventor, he has 23 approved patents in the field of various pharmaceuticals and cosmetics.


As a footballer

He played in Testvériség SE at adolescent and youth level. He stopped active football because of his university admission - he had to study.

National refereeing

He read the invitation in the newspaper, in 1970 Budapest, Angyalföld, XIII. He passed the exam before the Referee Committee (JB) of the District Football Association (LSZ), similarly to his predecessors, he went through the individual football departments in a neat row, the county and NB were operating. In 1976, at the suggestion of his sports leaders, he became a national player in III classes, NB. Judge II. NB debuted in 1980. in I. It is typical of his occupation that he was entrusted with managing 15 matches in the 1986/1987 league season and 14 matches in 1987/1988. NB. Number of I matches: 158.

National cup match

Number of Cup finals managed: 2.

Hungarian Football Cup

Free Earth Cup

Since 1964, the cup final of the village footballers, the final of the Szabad Föld Cup, has been regularly held as a preliminary match of the final of the Hungarian People's Cup. The team from the lower division that has reached the furthest in the Hungarian People's Republic Cup is entitled to participate in the final.

International refereeing

In 1986, he became a member of the refereeing staff of the International Football Federation (FIFA) at the request of the Referee Committee (JB) of the Hungarian Football Association (MLSZ), a position he successfully held until 1992. In 1987, he was introduced as a marker in a match between PSV Eindhoven and Rangers FC. During his international career, he led 39 matches between 1986/93, including European Championship, European Championship and UEFA Cup, European and Olympic qualifying matches. He managed the Nehru Cup in India, the Maccabi Games in Israel, refereed in Thailand, Vietnam in 1984 (he managed eight matches at the Spartakiad of friendly armies), the United States of America and Brazil. In the ranking of Hungarian international referees, in the order of the World Cup-European Championship, he occupies the 20th place by serving 1 match. It functioned as a beacon at about 40 international meetings. Number of national team matches: 4.

European Championship

On the way to the finals of the European football tournament, UEFA JB employed him as a referee in West Germany for the 8th European Football Championship in 1988.

1988 European Football Championship

Qualifying match

As a sports director

In 1998, during the presidency of Attila Kovács MLSZ, he was the JB president of MLSZ. Since 2006, he has been the deputy president of the MLSZ JB, the head of the control committee, the person in charge of top matches within the sending committee, a national inspector, the former JB president of the Budapest Football Association (BLSZ). Inspector of international referees of the European Football Association (UEFA).

His successes, awards

In 1984, András Szlávik, the chairman of the Referee Committee, awarded him a silver badge in recognition of his career as a referee. In 1984, the Vietnamese Council of Ministers recognized his professional work with the Peace and Friendship government award. In the 1984/1985 championship season, based on the grades of the referee inspectors, he became the Referee of the Year. Based on the votes of the teams and the National Sports Association, László Pádár was awarded the Referee of the Year in a tie with his fellow referee. In the 1988/1989 championship season, he became the Referee of the Year based on the votes of the National Sport. Hungarian