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III. Frederick (Potsdam, October 18, 1831 - Potsdam, June 15, 1888) Heir to the throne of Prussia from 1861, emperor of Germany in 1888. He is a member of the House of Hohenzollern.



Prince Frederick William was born in Potsdam in 1831. His father was the German emperor William I (1797–1888). His mother was Princess Augusta of Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach (1811–1890), daughter of the Russian Grand Duchess Marija Pavlovna Romanova (1786–1859) and Frederick Charles the Grand Duke of Saxony-Weimar-Eisenach (1783-1853), grandson of Russian Tsar Paul I. From his parents' marriage, two brothers were born: Royal Prince Frederick William (1831–1888), from 1888 III. Emperor Frederick, Royal Princess Lujza of Prussia (1838–1923), wife of Grand Duke Frederick I of Baden from 1856.


Frederick learned bookbinding and carpentry, in accordance with Prussian tradition, according to which rulers also had to learn a craft. He was the first Prussian ruler to attend university training. He was a successful warlord. He won the Battle of Königgrätz in 1866 in favor of Prussia and also achieved significant success during the Prussian-French War of 1870-71. Despite his successes, he despised wars and his interest was much more in the sciences, arts and social issues. He was a patron of the artists, initiating and supporting the creation of today’s Bode Museum.

Marriage, children

As crown prince, William married and married the British Royal Princess Victoria (1840–1901), the eldest daughter of Queen Victoria of Britain and Albert of Saxony-Coburg-Goth, in London on 25 January 1858. On this occasion, the groom was promoted by his father to Major General of the Prussian Army. They had eight children; six reached adulthood. Prince William (1859–1941), from 1888 II. William is known as Emperor of Germany, King of Prussia. Princess Sarolta (1860–1919) is the reigning princess of Saxony-Meiningen through her marriage. Prince Henry (1862–1929), Admiral of the German Imperial Navy. Prince Sigismund (1864–1866) died as a young child. Princess Victoria (1866–1929), Princess of Schaumburg-Lippei by her marriage. Prince Valdemár (1868–1879) died as a child. Princess Sophia (1870–1932), wife of King Constantine I of Greece, queen of Greece. Princess Margaret (1872–1954), Marriage of Hessen-Kassel through her marriage.

Short reign

He died of laryngeal cancer in 1888, so he ruled for only 99 days.



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