Ivan (first name)


July 5, 2022

The male name Iván comes from the Slavic (Croatian) form of the name János and from the old Hungarian version of Jovános, Ivános. His female partner is Ivána. The Serbian equivalent of the name Iván is Jovan, and its female counterpart is Jovana


Iván was a common name in previous centuries, as evidenced by the fact that it appears in several geographical names and family names. In the 1990s, it was a very rare name, in the 2000s it was not among the 100 most common male names in Hungary.

Name days

June 24. According to tradition, those whose children died before St. John's Day could not eat this year's apples or other fruit, but distributed them to the children standing around the fire on St. John's Day.

Famous Ivans

Iván Almár, astronomer Iván Aba is a writer and journalist Iván Bagi is a parodist Iván Béky-Halász is a poet, translator, editor, bibliographer, sculptor Iván Bächer is a writer and journalist Iván Bélyácz is an economist and academician Psychiatrist Iván Böszörményi-Nagy Cossack leader Ivan Bohun Ivan Grigorevich Chernysov was a Russian Imperial field marshal and admiral Actor Iván Darvas († 2007) Iván Fenyő is an actor Iván Fenyő is an art historian Conductor Iván Fischer Linguist Iván Fónagy, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Slovak President Ivan Gašparovič Military officer Iván Hindy in II. in World War II, commander of the defenders of Budapest in 1944-45 Iván Horváth is a literary historian, university professor Iván Hollósvölgyi is a poet Actor Iván Kamarás Ski jumper Ivan Karaulov Ivan Lendl is a tennis player Ivan Ljubičić is a tennis player Composer Iván Madarász Writer Iván Mándy Iván Markó is a dancer and choreographer Iván Orosz is a writer and poet Ivan Meštrović is a sculptor and architect Ivan Milev is a Bulgarian painter Field Marshal Ivan Fyodorovich Paskevich Iván Pető is a politician Photographer Iván Szabó Iván Szabó is an engineer-economist and politician Iván Szelényi is a sociologist, member of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences Lyricist Iván Szenes State security officer Ivan Aleksandrovich Serov Iván Várkonyi is a journalist Iván Vitányi is a sociologist and politician Iván Zamorano is a Chilean footballer Alexy Iván Zoltán Informatics Iván Héjjas is a Hungarian military officer and member of parliament


Grand Duke Ivan I. (Kalita) of Russia II. (Gentle) Grand Duke Ivan of Russia III. Grand Duke Ivan (the Great) of Russia ARC. (Terrified) Tsar Ivan of Russia Tsar Ivan V of Russia VI. Tsar Ivan of Russia

Other Ivans

As Surname

Iván 14-17. A few of his 19th-century nicknames have survived as family names: Iváns, Ivanis, Ivánka, Ivankó, Ivános, Iványos, Ivó, Ivocs. As a family name, it also appears in the masculine form: Iván-Iványos, and as a compound in the form of Ivánfi.

As a geographical name

Iván, Nagyiván, Borsodivánka, Sajóivánka, Drávaiványi, Jászivány, Iváncsa, Váncsod. In Old Hungarian, St. John the Baptist was called St. Iván, the name survived in this form as a settlement name: Szentiván – Bakonyszentiván, Cserhátszentiván, Győrszentiván, Pilisszentiván, Zalasszentiván, Alsószentiván, Újszentiván, etc.

In the literature

Iván Berend is the hero of Mór Jókai's novel Black Diamonds.


St. John's wort is the name of the water rush (Rorippa amphibia) in Ormánság szentivánpipitér is the name of the chamomile around Lake Balaton St. Ivan's vine is the name of currant, but it is also called wine fig or dog cherry.


As long as St. John's carol, or It's long, like Ivány's song, they say about things that are very long.


In the past, the month of June was called the month of St. John.



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