Mari Jászai Award


November 28, 2021

The Jászai Mari Prize is a state award founded by the Hungarian government in 1953 as an acting prize. It was named after Mari Jászai, the great artist of dramatic acting. H: frame made of laurel leaves: mj .: KNA, punched at the bottom of the rim; ö., br., 0 70 mm It originally had two degrees, from 1955 to 1976 three degrees. It was handed over on April 4 each year, usually to ten people. In 1992, it was re-established by the Ministry of Culture and Public Education and extended to the recognition of theater activities. The bronze version of the award can be seen on this website: A board of trustees delegated from professional organizations of ten members will propose the award to the current Minister of Culture. He has had a degree since 1976, and since March 15, 1992, he has been handed over to usually 13 people. The prize is accompanied by a prize of HUF 1,395,000, which has been duty and tax free since 2004. Legal background 3/1999. (II. 24.) Decree of the Ministry of National Culture on artistic and other professional awards to be awarded by the Minister of National Cultural Heritage2017



Actor Zsolt Homonnay Zoltán Seregi director, theater director Csaba Zöld is an actor Victoria Tarpai is an actor Mira János is a set designer László Jászai is an actor Alexander the Great is an actor István K. Szabó theater director


Attila Andrássy writer, director Actor Gábor Bakos-Kiss Actor Zsolt Dánielfy Actor Gera Marina Andrea Mahó is an actor Sára Mészáros is an actor Rusz Márk Milanian actor Sara Bernadette is an actor


Hunor Bucz, director and director of the Space Theater Association Tamás Gál, actor at the Screw Theater in Hetény Gregor Bernadett is an actor in the New Theater Actor László Horányi, director and artistic director of the Esztergom Castle Theater Kata Huszárik, actor at the Maladype Theater Béla Kálló, actor of the Hungarian Kanizsa Court Chamber Theater Actor Márk Kis Domonkos, executive director of the Vác Danube Bend Theater Edit Kovács, actor of the Jókai Theater in Békéscsaba Erika Lapis, actor of the Jászai Mari Theater in Tatabánya Dóra Létay, actor at the József Attila Theater in Budapest Ádám Lux, actor of the New Theater Papadimitriu Athina, actor at the Budapest Operetta Theater, the National Equestrian Theater and the Spirit Theater András Pataki is the chief director and managing director of Pro Kultúra Sopron Csaba Pindroch, actor at the Thália Theater Szente Vajk, director of the Madách Theater György Vass, actor of the New Theater


György Bajomi Nagy, actor of the Sándor Weöres Theater in Szombathely, Alexandra Borbély, actor of the Katona József Theater in Budapest, Attila Harsányi, actor at the National Theater of Miskolc and the Chamber Theater of Arad, Csaba Krisztik, actor of the Vörösmarty Theater in Székesfehérvár, Zsolt Lipics, actor of the National Theater of Pécs, Márta Szabó, actor of the Zsigmond Móricz Theater in Nyíregyháza, Réka Tenki, actor of the Örkény István Theater in Budapest, Rita Velich, chief costume designer of the Budapest Operetta Theater.


Crespo Rodrigo, director of the Jászai Mari Theater in Tatabánya, actor Tibor Fehér, actor of the National Theater, Hermina G. Transylvania, actor of the Subotica National Theater, Tamás Lengyel, actor at the Comedy Theater. Réka Pelsőczy, actor and director of the Katona József Theater in Budapest. Kinga Saárossy, actor of the Gárdonyi Géza Theater in Eger, Zsuzsanna Tresz, set and costume designer at the National Theater in Pécs. Klári Varga, actor at the Csokonai National Theater in Debrecen.


Gábor Bánky, the National Theater of Pécs

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