June 24


July 5, 2022

June 24 is the 175th (176th in a leap year) day of the year according to the Gregorian calendar. There are 190 days left in the year. Name days: Iván + Bajnok, Beáta, Héra, János, Levéd, Levedi, Levente, Perenna


1148 – In Acre, II. One of the largest summits of the Middle Ages took place with the participation of crusade leaders, grand masters of knightly orders and the rulers of the crusader states in Asia Minor. 1389 – Queen Mary I of Sicily marries the infant Martin the Younger of Aragon, who becomes co-ruler under the name Martin I from 1392 (reigns as sole ruler from 1401 to 1409). 1536 – Parliament in Marosvásárhely. 1812 - Napoleon Bonaparte's army crosses the border of the Russian Empire 1859 – In the Battle of Solferino, the Austrians are defeated by the French-Piedmontese forces. 1880 – The later Canadian national anthem, composed for the Saint-Jean-Baptiste Society, is performed for the first time at a St. John the Baptist banquet in Quebec. 1883 – Ágoston Trefort, Minister of Religion and Public Education, inaugurates the Technological Industrial Museum in Budapest, whose specialist library later became the National Technical Information Center and Library (OMIKK). 1919 – Military mutiny in Budapest against the Soviet Republic. 1935 - In Yugoslavia, Milan Stojadinović, who aligned himself with Mussolini in his ruling exteriors, forms a government. 1941 - A decision is made in Spain to set up the volunteer Blue Division for the quasi-war against the Soviet Union 1948 - The United States of America announces the European Reconstruction Program (Marshall Aid). 1952 – In the Federal Republic of Germany, the conservative tabloid Bild goes on the streets. 1974 – The first Soviet military space station, Szalyut-3, enters Earth orbit. 1977 – László Karakas is replaced by Ferenc Trethon as Minister of Labour. 1986 – Danubius Rádió, Hungary's first commercial radio station, begins broadcasting.[source?] 2007 - Ali Vegyi - Saddam Hussein's cousin - who ordered the Anfal operation during the Iraq-Iran war, is sentenced to death. 2016 - British Prime Minister David Cameron - the day after the referendum on EU membership - announces that he is leaving office after the majority of the electorate voted to leave.

Sporting Events

Formula 1 1984 - American Grand Prix - East, Detroit - Winner: Nelson Piquet (Brabham BMW Turbo) 1990 - Mexican Grand Prix, Mexico City - Winner: Alain Prost (Ferrari) 2001 - European Grand Prix, Nürburgring - Winner: Michael Schumacher (Ferrari) 2012 - European Grand Prix, Valencia - Winner: Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) 2018 – French Grand Prix, Circuit Paul Ricard - Winner: Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes)

Other events

2002 – The Budapest temperature record was broken, 35.2 degrees were measured in Újpest. 2002 – The national temperature record was broken, 38.4 °C was measured in Békéscsaba. 2016 - The Budapest temperature record was broken, II. 35.7 °C was measured in the district.


1310 – II. Countess Margit of Hainaut, IV. Wife of the Holy Roman Emperor Louis († 1356) 1386 – St. John of Capistrán Italian theologian, preacher, inquisitor, hero of the victory in Nándorfehérvár, patron saint of Hungary and field chaplains († 1456) 1519 – Swiss theologian Tódor Béza, colleague and successor of János Kálvin in the Reformed Church of Geneva († 1605) 1531 – Hungarian historian János Zsámboky († 1584) 1695 - Martin van Meytens, 18th-century Swedish portrait painter of Flemish origin († 1770) 1809 – French writer Xavier Marmier (d. 1892) 1842 – Ambrose Gwinett Bierce, American writer, poet, journalist († 1914) 1852 – Victor Adler, Austrian social democratic politician, journalist, az