Jeddah Street Circuit


May 21, 2022

The Jeddah Street Circuit or Jeddah Corniche Circuit is a street racecourse in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, which is 6,175 km long and has 27 turns. It will make its debut in Formula One and Formula 2 at the end of 2021 as the Saudi Grand Prix. The course was designed by Carsten, son of Hermann Tilke.

A lap in a Formula 1 car

Pilots start the lap with a DRS zone. Turn 1 is one of the best overtaking options on the course, which continues with corners 2 and 3. Pilots don’t have much breathing time as they get to bend 4 soon, which is a completely unpredictable left due to the wall. The 5, 6 combination is a quick, roughly floor gas reversal. The bends go into corners 7 and 8 with a small lift, but after the left-right the track continues with a right-left-right-left four. We have now reached the end of the first sector and head north-east on the 13th high-angle bend. The 14 and 15 are a left-handed right-hand gas, followed by the tricky braking distance of bends 16-17. Turns continue at bends 18 and 19, followed by another DRS zone. Bends 20-21 can be taken with floor gas. This is also the end of the second sector. We then reach Sikan 22-23, which is also an unpredictable combination. Another DRS zone follows with the 24th right and the 25th, 26th left. The last turn, the 27, is also a big reverser, from which, taking a good acceleration, we can also scoot towards the finish line with another DRS opening.


Current March: Formula 1 Saudi Grand Prix, FIA Formula 2 Championship Jeddah Formula 2 Round