Jules Bianchi


November 27, 2021

Jules Bianchi (Nice, August 3, 1989 - Nice, July 17, 2015) French car racer, Formula One driver. He came from a family of car racers and won several championships in the lower categories. It entered Formula One when Ferrari contracted it as a test driver in 2011. The following year, he got a test pilot job at Force India, where he was able to sit in the car for a total of nine Grand Prix weekends during his first free practice. Although he did not get a racing seat here in the end, he was able to make his Formula 1 debut as a pilot for the Marussia F1 Team in the 2013 season. In his first season, he finished 19th overall, beating his teammate Briton Max Chilton, who is also a rookie. Marussia also kept the pair for the next season, where they won the first points of their existence thanks to Bianchi’s ninth place finish at the Monaco Grand Prix, which greatly helped the team escape the final bankruptcy and be on the grid in 2015 as well. At the Japanese Grand Prix, Bianchi suffered life-threatening injuries after slipping off a wet asphalt into the crane rescuing Adrian Sutil’s car. He was immediately taken to hospital and operated on, but never woke up from a coma and eventually died on the night of July 17, 2015 in Nice after 285 days of struggle. Ayrton Senna was the first driver to die in 1994 due to his injuries on a race weekend. He was known by his fellow pilots as a quiet, soft-spoken, and friendly man. In his memory, the race number 17, with which he raced in Formula One last year, was retired. In his honor, in January 2017, a street was named after him in his hometown.

Origin, youth

Jules Bianchi came from a car racing family. His grandfather, Mauro Bianchi of Italy (through whom he was also an Italian ancestor), won the GT World Championship three times and took part in three non-World Championship Formula One races. His great-uncle, Lucien Bianchi of Belgium, was himself a Formula One driver, taking part in 19 World Championship races between 1959 and 1968, and was able to rise to the bottom of the podium at the 1968 Monaco Grand Prix (only five drivers finished anyway). , and he was able to win in Le Mans behind the wheel of a Ford GT40 this year, his partner was Pedro Rodríguez. However, Lucien lost his life in Le Mans the following year after his car caught fire and he burned in it. Mauro ended his racing career at this time. Jules was born on August 3, 1989 in Nice, southeastern France, as the child of Philippe and Christine Bianchi. He has two brothers: Tom and Mélanie. Jules soon became familiar with car racing, starting go-karting at the age of five. His first racing experience dates back to the age of six, when his father took him to a go-kart track. In 2003, he was contracted to the Italian go-kart team Maranello Karting, under the direction of Armando Filini. Jules had a long relationship with his girlfriend, Camille Marchetti.

Your career

Early Categories

He performed quite well in the go-kart series, winning the championship title a total of five times. From the age of 17, FIA President Jean Todt’s son, Nicolas Todt, was his manager, he straightened out Bianchi’s career. In 2007, he switched from go-kart to formula car racing. He tried his hand at the Formula Renault 2.0 French Series, where as the driver of the SG Formula team, he won the ba in a total of 5 pole positions, 11 podiums, 5 wins and 10 fastest laps in 13 races.

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