October 25, 2021

Kálmán is an old Hungarian personal name of Turkish origin. Meaning: remnant, survived. According to Gergely Czuczor and János Fogarasi, “It is an original Hungarian name that does not appear before other peoples. Perhaps it originated from Kármán or Kerman Persa province or city, in ancient times. From here, some potted pears: caramel pears. ” The Persian word قهرمان (qahremân) means champion, hero, etc.


A rare name in the 1990s, it is not among the 100 most common male names in the 2000s.

Name day

October 13 Famous Kalman Kálmán Antos composer, church conductor, organist, music teacher Kálmán Benda is a historian and academic Reformed Bishop Kálmán Csiha Kálmán Darányi is a court councilor Kálmán Darányi is a politician and prime minister Kálmán Deli landlord Kálmán Hazai, Olympic champion water polo player Kálmán Kandó is an engineer King Kalman of Hungary Kálmán Kittenberger Africa researcher, zoologist, hunter, writer Kovmán Kovács national football team Actor Kálmán Latabár Kálmán Markovits, two-time Olympic champion water polo player, coach Kálmán Mészöly national football team, federal captain Kálmán Mikszáth is a writer Kálmán Parádi zoologist, teacher Kálmán Pataky is an opera singer Kálmán Széll is a politician and prime minister Kálmán Thaly is a historian and politician Kálmán Tisza is a politician


King Kálmán Könyves of Hungary Prince Kálmán, II. Son of King Andrew and Queen Gertrude

Other Kálmánok

Kálmán Ripka, amateur actor (Kecskemét, 1994), the young star of TV2's Soo and Bad Soap opera

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