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Katalin is a female name of Greek origin, the Hungarian version of the Greek name Αικατερίνη (Aikateriné). Its meaning is unclear: it is widely believed to be derived from the Greek word καθαρός (catharos), which means “(always) pure”. Others say it comes from the Greek name Αεικαθερινα (Aeikatherina), which means ‘arrowhead’, ‘certainly aiming’. It was presumably introduced to Hungarian through the German form Katharina or the Latin form Catharina.

Related names

Karen: the Danish version of Katalin Karin: Danish, Swedish, Norwegian figure of Katalin Kata: from the Hungarian nickname Katalin to a self-registered name. Katarina: Latin, German, Swedish, Dutch version of Katalin Katerina: The Czech (Kateřina), Slovak (Katarína) and Russian (Katyilina) versions of Katalin Kati, the nickname of Catherine Katica: the Hungarian nickname of Katalin Katinka: the Hungarian nickname of Katalin Kató: the Hungarian nickname of Katalin Katrin: an abbreviation of the German form of Catherine Kitti: Independent of the English nickname Katalin Ekaterina: a figure closer to the original


In Hungary, Katalin is one of the most popular names since the Árpádian era and the Crusades. Kató and Katrin were sporadic names, Kati and Katerina could not be registered. In the 2000s, Katalin was 54-69, Kata was 33-37, and Kitti was 20-33. most common female name, the rest are not listed in the first hundred.

Name days

Katalin, Katarina, Katica, Katinka, Kató, Katrin: February 13 March 9 March 22 March 24 April 29 April 30 May 9 September 15 November 25 December 31. Karen, Karin: March 24 November 7 November 25.Cover February 2 April 29 November 25. Kit April 30 November 25 December 31 Equivalents in other languages ​​

Famous namesakes

Famous Catherines, Kata



Rulers and queens

Famous Karen, Karin, Katarina, Katerina, Katrina and Kittik


Kitty asks - actress Prague Kitti - competition dancer Carnival Kitti - actress Field Kitty - actress, synchronous actress Kitti Szabó - actress


Wife of Luther, German church leader Katharina von Bora English actress Katrin Cartlidge English actress Kathryn Hunter Katrina Leskanich is an American singer Katarina Witt is a German figure skater American actress Kathryn Morris Karen Blixen, Danish writer Karin Boye, Swedish poet Swiss-born American actress, singer, dancer, model Katerina Graham

Famous Katik, Ladybugs, Katinkák and Katók




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